Increasing WiFi Stability on a Macbook Air


Jan 16, 2012
So I currently live in a fraternity and we have roughly 80-ish guys in the house with any odd number of them fluctuating throughout the day on the network with either their phones, consoles, or laptops or a combination of all of the above.

I use to have a Windows laptop however I broke the monitor so I just ordered a new Macbook Air and it's coming here next week, with summer coming up, more people will be living in the house which might cause more issues with the stability of WiFi. I've used both a Macbook and a Windows in my fraternity and the Macbook is always constantly dropping connection -- WiFi drops and you have to reconnect, really annoying when it comes to streaming and doing assignments BUT on my Windows laptop I never disconnect, literally never have dropped from our WiFi.

I know there is something in terms of the house itself calling up our provider and fixing the issue but since it's something out of my hands I wonder what can I do from my end when I get my new laptop to have it not constantly drop connection over the summer?
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