Input Jack Size

Aug 7, 2018
I'm livid when it comes to audio technology, and I understand my question may come across as inexperienced and self explanatory, but I have an old pair of fisher 2 way speakers from the 80's and one of them has 2 input jacks built in (Red and white, naturally for left and right.) I can't find any owners' manuals or information online, and a standard aux cord doesn't really fit in either side. Fisher audio customer support has been long abandoned and leads to scam links. My question is: What kind of input cables or adapters am I looking for, and what size? In other words, how could I get an aux cord to split L/R inputs for these particular input jacks?
Aug 7, 2018
You got it man, it was RCA cables I was looking for. Thanks, and I got speaker wire for the other connections already.
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