Question inspirion 7706 always runs hot so hot it burns my legs and Im not covering the vent holes

May 26, 2024
Theres gotta be a way to cool this 7706 better. I cannot seem to get fan to spin faster. Its controlled by the mother board and even my dell app doesnt seem to to squat. Thought about maybe finding a better heatsink and fan but dont seen any better ones. Ive tried swapping paste with grizzly paste and not much better. I have to put this laptop on the targus laptop cooling tray to keep it cool. Anyone know of a better heatsink or other possable cooling upgrade? Ps I had to relocate the targus cooling fans closer twards the rear of the stand so they were closer to the 7706 vents on bottom.
I might also add that the heatsink pipe underside facing motherboard is a very dark color and not bright copper so I dont know if its gone bad
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