Inspiron 1545 RAM Upgradable to 8gb 1066Mhz?

Mar 30, 2018
I have recently started upgrading My Dell Laptop.
Windows Vista 32 bit out Windows 10 Home 64 bit in
Core 2 Duo T4200 2.0Ghz out Core 2 Xtreme X9100 3.06Ghz in
6 cell 5200Mah battery out 9 cell 7800Mah battery in
Dell Wireless 1397 Nw/Adp out Intel Centrino AdvancedN 6235 + BT 4.0 Nw/Adp in
160gb HDD 5200rpm (in the optical drive with cradle) out Samsung Evo 850 250Gb in.
I have read somewhere that it is possible to install RAM of 1066Mhz speed into this laptop but I have no idea of what compatible hardware to look for. Currently I have 3gb of PC2 6400 800Mhz DDR2 installed but want to up the stakes with 8gb of 1066Mhz if it is possible.
Has anyone heard the same?
Has anyone achieved this themselves?
Does anyone know what the compatible hardware would be and/or where to buy it..
Thanks, Jay Washington.


Jan 19, 2012
Actually that new processor (X9100) has a bus speed of 1066 MHz so I would say that you have a chance of it working. The only thing is, have you noticed the price of DDR 2 Ram?

How do you like that processor? ... back in the day, I always wanted one but back then ... they were crazy expensive. I notice it's 9 watts hotter than the T4200 - no cooling problems?

Also ... I'm curious as to why the Samsung Evo is in the optical cradle - what's in the HD slot?



Intel didn't start putting the memory controller on the cpu till the core i series. Core 2's still had the MC on the motherboard.

Dell's manual only states DDR2 800 support, DDR2 1066 might work but will likely only run at ddr2 800 speeds.

Thanks! I couldn't quite recall.

That being the case, the 1066 memory will be redundant, if it works at all.

Christopher Blaess

Nov 12, 2015
Crusial 1066 ddr2 ram will downshift & the t9800 core2 duo will work just fine also. This combination works great in my 1545 & my 1750. No benefit will be had using a Samsung EVO ssd. The Kingston ssd or another brand is a lot cheaper It's only going to as fast as 6mgb per second anyway. Upgrading your wifi card to the Intel 7260 will also help remove any speed bottlenecks. This setup works great for me running Win10 home 1709.
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