Inspiron 7000 laptop not detecting my monitor


Mar 15, 2015
Recently bought a Dell inspiron 15 7559 laptop. I want to connect it to a monitor (Acer al2216w). The monitor has DVI (no hdmi). So, I used a DVI to HDMI connector to connect to the laptop.
The Dell doesn't seem to detect the monitor and the monitor said no signal.

I tried that monitor with another laptop (asus) using the same DVI-to-HDMI connector and has no problem.

Wondering if there is any setting I have to adjust on the Dell to detect that monitor.

Thanks in advance,


Mar 15, 2015

Tried that... nothing happen when pressing Fn+F8! When pressing F8 key alone, the screen selection menu shown on the right side of the screen. But, picking "Duplicate screen" or "Extending screen" does nothing!

When connecting to my TV, it is displayed ok. It is detected automatically... no need to press F8!

Did an update on the video card driver and same problem.

Any idea is appreciated!



Aug 26, 2016

Same problem and no solution so far. :-/
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