Inspiron one 2320 review ac adapter pins


Apr 17, 2012
Hi and thanks. I was looking to find some document that could help identify the pins in the connector in the PC housing. The unit was only 10 days old when a skewed insertion really mashed up the pins. I wanted something to help guide straightening them. Dell does not warranty for this type accidental damage from the date it was received. I did disassemble the case and found it is a hard plastic connector soldered to the motherboard. It's a very small connector that is soldered through. It's going to be a major task to remove all the connectors and the CPU cooling to look at the rear.
I guess the trade off of an all in one type computer is small connectors. I haven't tossed it yet, I can't destroy it any worse.
I wouldn't recommend this model computer if you have kids or any situation that could shock that connector.