internal memory low


Dec 17, 2012
That means you have low internal memory, lol.

In order to free up some space you'll need to delete apps you don't use, or move them to the SD card.

By default all apps downloaded will install to the phones internal memory not the SD card. In order to have them install to the memory card, it requires a rooted phone.

To find out if your phone is rooted, download "terminal emulator" from Google Play on your phone. Open the application and press menu > toggle soft keyboard. Type "su" without the quotes and hit enter. If it returns a # sign, your phone is rooted. If not, then it is not rooted.

If your phone is rooted, you can move the apps by opening the applications menu, pressing the menu softkey and then selecting "manage applications." From there you should see an option to move it to the SD card.

If your phone is not rooted, you will need to enable root access to gain the option of moving the apps to the SD card. However this is considered a form of cracking/hacking/modding and we can't and won't supply you with help doing this on these forums. Please visit the XDA forums for help with this:


Jun 22, 2008

I will have to agree with apanzee
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