Internal WiFi fails after Win10 upgrade but with 1 of 2 routers


Jul 29, 2013
I have an Intel Stick PC with an internal WiFi (Realtek RTL8723BS) that worked fine in Win8.1 but does not work after upgrading to WIn10.

The version of Win10 on it is 1607, build 14393.447.

I have an ISP provided WiFi router (with VoIP) which I have to use.

I tried a second router and the internal WiFi connects to it.

A USB WiFi adapter (Realtek RTL8188CU) connects fine on this PC instantly with BOTH routers.

I have deleted the driver and installed the latest from Windows on the web (luckily I have the USB WiFi to be able to do this) several times.

Other devices connect instantly and perfectly to this router too.

Being a stick PC (in the back of my TV), connecting a USB hub to allow me to access media off a USB drive and also the WiFi makes no sense.

What extra is Win10 looking for in the connection with that internal WiFI and router combination that is stopping it?