IP 68 Phone


Aug 16, 2017
Hello, i was wondering if an IP68 Phone can survive in alcohol or can it damage it. My last phone died in a club when i dropped it in a glass with jack daniels so now i bought a3 2017 that is IP68.
IP only covers solid objects/dust and water (and a couple of other things if you have extra numbers/letters on the end). Alcohol could still cause deterioration to some kinds of plastic.

I can understand water (pools, toilets, sinks etc.), but how do you hit a small target like a glass? I don't think my phone would fit in a glass...

Regardless, IP ratings, especially on consumer products, are for *accidental* exposure. Relying on them is not recommended beyond stuff like rain, and they rely on all covers being properly installed.


Aug 16, 2017
It was an iphone 4s , pretty small phone... So lets make story here- maybe i pour alcohol on A3 or drop it in the glass again :lol: and then i go to wash it. Will there be any damage?


Jul 29, 2015
Might survive the drop in the glass but doubt itll survive being washed.

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