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  1. M

    My router is blocking a specific IP

    So my router seems to be blocking one of my buddies from joining any of the servers I make for gaming. Everyone one else can join my servers except for him. I do not know if this is on his end or my end and I cannot find anything online to fix it. I have an xfinity router.
  2. B

    Solved! Trace IP of email

    Is email sent by webmail like gmail and outlook can be traced the IP of the sender?
  3. M

    sprint to metro

    i have an originally metro pcs iphone 6s plus but was switched to sprint and i now need it to go back to metro. but sprint wont unlock it. what do I do?
  4. A

    Solved! Pairing Samsung Smart Remote with IPTV STB GX-TR500EL

    Hy, Please help me pairing my Samsung Smart remote with my Samsung STB (IP tv receiver) model GX-TR500EL. I have a 55MU6102 that does not have the GX-TR500EL in list. I have the 1205 firmware updated. The old STB Model was working just fine with my smart remote and I could acces the STB menu...
  5. E

    Solved! How to get ip number for vitron tv

    Ip number to connect to universal remote
  6. I

    Antivirus Or Something

    I've got the ip 198.105.254 which I fear is one of my local computers which is infected and spamming our computers can I do something to the spammer or disinfect my email... it's coming from a not on network ip...Hi, I've clicked the link i n the email which only led to more emails from a fake...
  7. N

    DHCP is Enabled, But No Internet In My pc

    in my pc i click on ip adress automaticlly but it when im going back, plz help me
  8. T

    i have a IP 2000 turbosound what levels should i use on column and subwoofer

    what levels should use on the column and subwoofer in dbs
  9. R

    Solved! Are pirated VPNs usable?

    Or for old versions the FBI/any intelligence agency already knows algorithm of how the program "jumps" to different locations so they get your IP easily. Or is it still not worth it for the FBI/CIA to investigate since ISP IPs are dynamic and internal IPs change and you could just keep all...
  10. J

    on my samsung smart tv i have got to reinstall the internet settings, also the ip address manually but do not have a ip addres

    iam trying to reinstall my samsung tv to the internet but have no ip address
  11. C

    Firewall with ability to block connections in real-time?

    Looking for a Windows 7/8/10 software that has the possibility to record established and attempts to establish connections with IP adresses, drop connections and restrict a certain program or the entire OS to connect to specific IP adresses in real-time. In other words, a program that blacklists...
  12. A

    Solved! Is there a space between the ipconfig and the /

    I am trying to reset my IP address because my laptop is no longer connecting to my Wi-Fi since I got a new router and my laptop is showing a connection to the internet until I tried to get on the internet then it disconnects
  13. F

    Is my mom safe from hackers?

    Hello, computer geniuses. My mom made a forum post a day ago and it displayed a IP address under her post. As seen in the picture below. Removed Is that our IP address and how dangerous is it to give away your IP address to strangers?
  14. M

    Solved! ip 8 battery life is trash

    Am I expecting too much from this phone, the battery life just seems really "meh". My phone was at 10% by 3PM yesterday, I'd been up at 7AM, been on the train (variable signal), quite a bit of Snapchat but no YouTube, etc. Spent most of the day in London with excellent signal, so just seems...
  15. F

    Restrict ip cameras to local network

    Hi I recently bought cheap ip camera (eye4 / starcam) that I want to use as baby monitor to make sure my kid sleep well while I'm in different room. I know that camera that I chosen have known vulnerability - in fact most if not all of them have some. That's why I want to restrict them access...
  16. J

    Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict IP Config Issue?

    Hello To All- I apologize if the answer has been posted somewhere else, as I haven't been able to find it. I, seemingly out of no where, received a popup message that said "Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict", and my internet connection(via wifi hotspot-no router) wont stay...
  17. B

    Please help with FB stalker

    I think a stalker has hacked my husband’s FB etc. we have FB reports and IP addresses and devices all over the place.... need help finding someone who can help us find the person or device responsible.
  18. Ordan

    Is there way to find ip adress of computer that has logged on my google account from somewhere?

    Shortly i found out somebody logged onto my account with chrome browser that i never use and is not on any of my devices. Problem is i cannot find IP address of that computer.
  19. Z

    New number from ip need this phone number
  20. S

    Soundbar ip 08

    Why does my soundbar keep saying low battery? I put a new one in the remote, is there one in the bar? It has a dc connection
  21. P

    app to open 3 gates

    Hello, I have an existing installation of 3 gates and ip cameras on my property. Presently the gates only open by remotes and buttons. All the buttons are located in a security shack which has internet and wifi. To open the gates I would just need a normally open ip switch, I think. Does anyone...
  22. E

    Serial number and mac adress Security

    want to learn that can any hacker find my ip or remote my mac if he or she knows my laptop’s serial number and mac (media access control) adress. Are these 2 informations suitable for determining the ip adress and search the device And if an hacker knows my ip adress how can i understand the...
  23. A

    I have enter the gateway number 1312349810 129

    I have enter the gateway number 1312349810 129 and pressed update it won't do anything, then I press refresh then ping test then it said IP addr not reachable .... someone please help me !
  24. S

    Solved! IP 68 Phone

    Hello, i was wondering if an IP68 Phone can survive in alcohol or can it damage it. My last phone died in a club when i dropped it in a glass with jack daniels so now i bought a3 2017 that is IP68.
  25. L

    My alienware says that it's locked and someones used my ip without permission

    My laptop got locked and said someone used my iP without -permission what should o do
  26. Y

    someone got my ip what do i do and how do i change it?

    hey someone sended me a link and i clicked it and he got my ip some how he told me the first 2 numbers and they were correct what do i do pls help
  27. L

    Can't get IP Vanish app to work on my firestick

    Hi. I hooked up an Amazon firestick to my LG OLED55B6P TV, which supports Android applications, then installed IP Vanish on the fire stick and subscribed to IP Vanishe's VPN service. When I go to websites to check my IP address it hasn't changed to match the VPN IP address provided by IP...
  28. G

    Faceebook IP tracker

    Can ISP give my phone number
  29. A

    Someone has my IP

    this person has my ip, it is conformed he sent it back to me in a private message, please help.
  30. T

    Solved! Wi-fi has no Valid IP Configuration Windows 10

    Recently, my latop has become unable to connect to wi-fi networks. Troubleshooting gives the answer "Wi-fi has no Valid IP configuration". The wifi connection works on all other devices, and shows that there is "No Internet, Secured" under the network icon. My laptop is an Acer Aspire s7, and...
  31. R

    Can not find ip of Wanscam AJ-C2WA-C198 ip camera

    Dear readers, I have bought this camera about 2 years ago and it worked then. I recently tried to turn it on and install it, but i couln't find my CD so i downloaded the software from the wanscam website. I hooked my camera to a combinaiton of a modem and router (this is a new router) that also...
  32. N

    My phone shows connected to my WiFi but it's not what should I do ,I have checked date and time even tried to changed mu my IP

    My phone cannot connect to my WiFi while other device are connected
  33. Y

    [LAN access from remote] Ip's connecting to me from all over the world :/

    It's late and I'm sorta freaking out a little... so sorry in advance. Short story ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why am i getting 20+ [LAN access from remote] connections an hour in my router log. Too a local ip of...
  34. A

    My internet works but my laptop cannot connect to it. My laptop says that wifi does not have a valid ip configuration.

    My internet works but my laptop cannot connect to it. My laptop says that WiFi does not have a valid IP configuration. Please help!
  35. R

    How can i reset up number on next book 7 tablet

    I have a textbook 7 tablet how Do set ip number and link it to my moto E
  36. D

    If spyware got information of my pc machine name and ip, how easily can they break into the pc with that info?

    Also how vulnerable for attacks is Windows 7 before installing all the updates? I am little concerned because i need internet connection to download updates but it also puts pc at risk
  37. J

    TV IP number

    What's the IP on the Panasonic HDTV 1080i
  38. P

    Weird facebook signed in location

    Hello guys, today I checked my signed in locations and I found next: Location: Militiari, Romania (approximative) (this is a sector in bucharest) IP: Web brosver: Chrome Last acces: june 16 And it's weird a bit, I don't have chrome on my phone (meizu m2 mini, default browser)...
  39. L

    Another random attack on Port 137

    Hey guys, So about three months, my PC was attacked on Port 137 from the IP ''. Today, I got 3 attacks again (like last time), but this time the IP is, same port. What could these attacks mean? Should I be worried? I got this while doing things I do every day, not...
  40. D

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware keeps blocking random IP's from Skype?

    So I tried the free upgrade off Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. After upgrading I keep getting notifications from Malwarebytes saysing its blocking IPs from Skype. What does this mean? Heres a log: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware www.malwarebytes.org Detection, 6/3/2016 1:23 PM, SYSTEM, DYLAN-MGR...
  41. R

    how can i know my password

    ip adress 192. 168. 0. 3
  42. T

    Malwarebytes: Malicious Website Blocked

    Just wondering if anyone else is getting this issue. Malwarebytes keeps popping up with this notification. Information: Domain: kdv.decipheringwarns. com IP: Port: 54414 Type: Outbound Process: C:\Program Files (x86\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe I've scanned with Malwarebytes...
  43. megashark

    Netflix error android (-121) [FIX]

    I was very frustrated to find no post involving a netflix error (-121) I had on my android phone, and on my kindle fire HD. I figured out the problem and how to fix it! it worked for me and may not work for you. 1.) Go into wifi settings 2.) Go to your wifi and hold it down and select "modify...
  44. F

    I need to change my ip

    ive called my isp and they cant change it but can I? I have xfinity and I really need to change it. thank you.
  45. T

    IP log HELP!!!

    IF someone could help me asap that'd be great, if not nbd, but I needed help reading my IP log. I need to know if someone was sending packets or whatever to my router so I would disconnect for the internet for a short period of time. I play competitive games and i'll spare you the bullshit, but...
  46. W

    I clicked on a clickbait, It didn't download anything, am I fine?

    Alright, So i clicked on a link someone sent me and it didnt download anything. I don't want my info stolen so im just wondering am i safe, Did it install malware secretly idk, Is it an ip logger, I have a vpn so I don't care if it's an ip logger aslong as it doesn't take credit card info.
  47. N

    Ip from Mac address without being connected to internet

    can you obtain an ip address from the mac address of the wifi signal? Without being connected to it.
  48. Unitus

    How to stop a possible DDOS attacker

    I got threaten to be ddosed, the person who threatened me know my IP, I need a safe way to defend against this DDOS attack
  49. C

    Outdoor Ip-cam which can take a phote each day

    Hello experts I need a High Quality IP-cam with WIFI and Time Lapse. My goal is to be able to take a high quality photo of my bee houses in the garden each day at 11.00 AM in high quality. Do not need video or any other surveillance feature, just a sharp pict. Hope someone can recommend...
  50. M

    My IP is constantly claiming that I am approaching my limit for emails. Is there a program which will clear my email account

    My IP is constantly claiming that I am approaching my limit for emails. Is there a program which will clear my email account by moving the data from the IP to my computer. I have several terabytes of storage available. I am running W7 and using Outlook. Also need to be able to read those...
  51. evilintheflesh

    IP Masking Applications for the PC and iPhone 4 ?

    Hi, i wanna know if there's any way i can change the IP of my desktop or my iphone to my work's IP server. Its so that i can log into work from home or view my work email from my phone.
  52. F

    How to get someone's real IP if they are using VPN

    hello there, a couple of days ago i got hacked on steam. cant really tell if he is pro or not but he got my account information through a trojan horse wich i discovered after cleaning up my pc i am gonna use a third-party software called "wireshark" to get his ip (set up a connection with him...
  53. J

    port forwarding not working

    port 80 successfully forward. but i cant access local ip from outside
  54. E

    Best way to filter out IP addresses with hardware..?

    I am looking to filter out IP addresses using hardware external to the computer itself. I have decided that using Windows' system for filtering IPs/hosts is no good, because if someone hacked the computer itself, then they could just alter all of that anyway. So it needs to be some external...
  55. C

    Devices Infected and IPs

    This is rewlly stupid I guess but can a hacker with an ip adress (external) go through your devices? Aka infect them and add some rootkit?
  56. M

    a program to block certain IP adresses on/off

    so i need a good program to well block IP. right now im using netcut wich does the job but doesent refresh right it will show IP's of my systems that arent connected as connected. and ofcourse i dont wanna pay. lol
  57. M

    Best way to send an anonymous email?

    Hey folks, I am looking for the best, non-traceable way to send an email without the recipient getting my IP, etc. I should state that I am not doing anything illegal in any way, shape, or form. This isn't for hiding from the government or anything. Just for work related things. I have...
  58. G

    can I know the pc or the device who used my wireless ip ? after closing my pc and not wireless connection yet any more ?

    can I know the pc or the device who used my wireless ip ? after closing my pc and not wireless connection yet any more ? thank you
  59. T

    Security After DDoS Attack Through Skype IP Resolver

    I have a bit of a security situation I need advice with. :??: Dec. 15 Basically somebody that has it out for me (online) got a hold of my IP from my Skype username. I received threats via a game with 3 of his accounts so far where he is telling me the city I live in and that my IP is finished...
  60. L

    Can i find stolen laptop with IP address or serial number?

    Can i find the laptop with IP adress or serial number? I created an account on the company page. There i saw different IP addresses. I'm not sure if these addresses are from my laptop. Any suggestions?