News iPhone 12 teardown confirms bad news for the battery

Oct 22, 2020
The battery in the iPhone 12 is smaller than the one in the iPhone 11. And that's not helping battery life.

iPhone 12 teardown confirms bad news for the battery : Read more

The iPhone 12 soc is small, runs cooler and more efficient so it “in general” uses less power.
So they apparently adjusted the battery to give equal endurance overall since they perhaps had to squeeze more in the same area with the Qualcomm chip for 5G..... but 5G is a battery killer. Look at the Samsung s20 ultra .. 5G didn’t hurt it as bad with its huge battery but 120hz screen sure did. My cousins only lasted about 8 hours with screen around 75% brightness while set on 120hz .. I’d guess battery life is the reason most use 60hz .. I’ve read people have seen similar results set on 120hz. It screen brightness could make the battery last longer or less.

I guess I’m curious to see if the iPhone last longer on some networks like Verizon which uses 4g and 5G at the same time which the iPhone balances 5G when not needed ( you don’t need 5G s to stream 4K) ..
Oct 30, 2020
Everything is involution but the battery is stagnates.
The technologie of the lithium-ion reach is maximum potentiel.
They will have to search for a other technology.
That will be mutch more performances.
I will wait for the iphone 13 and I will pray that battery technology will change by then.
For now i use my iphone se with a power bank