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Feb 5, 2014
I really like the quality of the front facing camera. I find this strange as I usually tend to automatically label Apple's cameras as not the best of the bunch (when I think of picture taken with iPhone I think of all that sound and graininess in their pictures) but the front facing camera surprised me. Either it was held really steadily or it has really good OIS. (which even my M8 doesn't have on its front cam) But I'm not pleased about a few things:

-A8 is still dual core

-It still uses 1GB DDR3L RAM; the cost between 1GB and 2GB is like a dollar these days; there is no reason to continue using 1GB in this day and age

-Below average battery life with a lower resolution screen

Its easy to hate on a lower resolution screen but it could amount to longer battery life. But sadly, Apple hasn't taken advantage of it and has always failed to please in the battery department. The only thing keeping me from ever going into the Apple environment (well besides the iPad 2 that I haven't touched in over a year or two but is still somehow supported) is how closed in Apple is. I know its to have better control and prevent less malicious applications being installed on the users device but they're going out of control.
To play devil's advocate, iPhones often manage to run quicker and smoother than a lot of Android phones with 3GB+ RAM. Obviously, it's a difference in architecture and the fact that Android uses Java, but it's still a point in Apple's favor. Of course, they could and should upgrade that to 2GB, but it works so far so it's hard to complain. Besides, knowing Apple, they'd probably tack on an extra $50 to the price tag for that 1GB upgrade :p


Apr 21, 2010
Apparently, from this article, the abysmal battery life is not due to the screen alone, as the lower resolution and the fact that the test was run at only 150 nits did not help with it. Other possible reasons could be poorly optimized antennas (see the low performance of LTE) or maybe the fact that the OS is still not capable of true multitasking. Maybe a combination of all the above.

Fact is, despite the closed environment and the fact that they control both the hardware and the software, and they only have to optimize a handful of devices (all of which are their own), Apple is still trying to play catch up instead of leading the industry. Lack of innovation doesn't help, as pretty much all that's been touted as 'new' has already been available from other manufacturers for quite some time.


Mar 27, 2009
I owned the first iPhone and years later I decided to give this 6th gen an honest try compared to years of owning Android flagships. This new iPhone was still an overall disappointment. The over-simplistic interface is still floating, square blobs that accumulate on the screen as you install apps. No shortcuts, no widgets. I don't want every single app I have installed bloated on the display.
Battery life was a disappointment. With moderate use this phone can't hold a candle to the HTC One, S5 and G3's life.
Notifications: No LED indicator. You get this triple flash when someting comes in. You miss that and you are going tobe checking the phone with a pull down swipe. With Android I can color code notifications and it stays flashing until I respond. Bliss.
Browser: Still mostly locked in Safari. Email links and shortcuts will open with that default browser regardless if you have others like Chrome installed. I find it comical I that I could install Safari on Android. I wonder how many people do? :)

The 6 is a sleek phone. It has a very good speaker and bright display. But even years later it still has mostly the same limitations compared to Android. The blob interface is one that teenagers and grandparents will enjoy.
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