Question iphone 7 Hack or intrusion by someone with access to my phone? implication?

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Feb 13, 2020
Not sure where to start but...I'm down at my place in Mexico and brought this iphone from Canada. I unlocked it so that I could use a Telcel sim card for use here in Mexico. I think the intrusion was physical, and was carried out by a person that was at my house because after they left i looked at my phone and realized something was going on.
-first I noticed the cel data was turned off
- my hotspot was turned on. i thought what?????
-call forwarding was turned on
At this point I am realizing this isn't just a setting getting turned on or off mistakenly and got a little frantic. i immediately turned it off but wish i had jotted down the phone #'s listed. Is there a way of finding that information out? is it retrievable?
My first reaction was call my bank and temp freeze my accounts.
-i've gone through my settings looking for anything else suspicious
-spent the day changing passwords (icloud,google,etc)
the problem is I don't know what exactly has happened here and to what extent I should be concerned.
I'm not sure how long it had been like this either as like I said I'm down in Mexico so don't have a lot of people calling me on this #. I'm connected to my wiFi at my house and most communication from friends up north is through imessage, messenger etc.
Is it even possible for someone to access those settings if they don't have my phone in their hand? Is it possible I've been hacked? because if not I know who did this.
Now I have to figure out what exactly they were trying to do? Definitely shady whatever it was/is.
Any advice on necessary steps I should take re. how to make sure my phone is secure (except obviously not letting this person back into my house) would be very appreciated.
Mar 9, 2020
Reset to factory settings. Clean everything on the iPhone. Create a new AppeID & iCloud, create a new password and new mail for everything, and change your phone number, if you might of course.
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