Iphone 7plus completely broken, need photos, homebutton doesnt work, and it wont detect when connected to computer

Sep 4, 2018
My iphone 7plus is completely broken in pieces and my home button wont work. It wont detect when I connect to the computer either. It only suddenly shows up a apple sign when connected to the power from my house, but it turns black after showing the apple logo for 10 seconds. Is there some way I can take out my memory which got all my photos and notes and insert it into a new phone?

ALSO, I never backed up to icloud and all that jazz. Cant remember which operating system i got, think its the latest one or second latest. Appreciate all answers.


There are places in China that do swap memory and components between phones. You need to check on the web and see what is available in your area or if there is a mail in service available. You may also run into an issue with encryption not allowing data to be accessed. The thing to do may be to take the full board from the broken phone and install it into a non-broken shell.
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