Solved! iPhone issue w/ Bluetooth Receiver with phone calls

May 28, 2021
I have iPhone X, a car Bluetooth receiver (link below) great, sounds awesome except when i make or take a phone call the sound only goes through my phone, not through sound system. My Android which i can connect the 3.5mm headphone jack with plays the audio through the car stereo and the microphone via the phone microphone. So hands free with the Android is no issue due to the 3.5mm jack. Both the iPhone and the android both fail to transmit the phone call audio to the Bluetooth Receiver.

In the settings of the iPhone I can alter the device type as shown in the image below, but all options do not divert the sound to the Bluetooth receiver and car stereo.

Any suggestions here? Surely there is a workaround for this.......!!

Please see links to device and iPhone settings I have already tried....

Bluetooth Receiver/Transmitter

iPhone Bluetooth Device Settings