Solved! Mid-way interface to connect two Bluetooth

Aug 27, 2020
Okay, so this is a weird question
Let's suppose I have an audio bluetooth to jack module like this :

So I connect my phone to it and audio transfer trough it, then through my speakers, it works !

Now add to the equation a bluetooth speaker, and invert the use of this module. So here's my wonder :
Could I send my sound through this, and recieve it into my BT speakers ? With another jack dongle soft-connected to this (like two wireless earbuds does)
or through an interface on my android phone that redirect the In, of the dongle, to the Out, of my BT-Speakers.
So each time I turn on each of them they connect automatically.

Is there such a device ?
I know many ways a setup like his would be useful.
I don't quite understand how you are using it now.
Are you plugging it into your powered speakers and then pairing it with your phone? That would make it a BT receiver.
If you wanted to send audio from something that doesn't have BT transmission built in you would need a BT transmitter.
Some BT devices can be used as a receiver OR transmitter but not at the same time. Some can pair with 2 speakers or headphones at the same time.
Aug 27, 2020
Thank you for the fast answer !
I wondered if there was a transmitter "connected" (through bluetooth or any other kind of wireless connection) to another, independant, jack dongle
that didn't required an interface.
For example I wanted to connect a Nintendo DS to a bose qc35ii
Or an old mp3 player to my sony xb22 (wirelessly)

Or eventually my DS to earbuds

That's why I searched a way to access to the interface of the bluetooth transmitter through my phone,
so I can select which device I want to connect it to.
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