Ipod Touch wont charge


Mar 30, 2010

My Ipod Touch wont charge or sync.
I was trying to open up the backcase of it and (stupid enough) slipped in a tiny cm of a swiss army knife through the bottom (above the connection dock though) so I could bend up the case a little so I could use the plastic tool to slide around the whole thing to get it opened.

Now, I only have 5% battery left and the Ipod wont charge and therefore wont sync, I've tried on a EU wall charger, my computer and my sisters computer, nothing.

Should I open the back case to see if there are any damage on the device ? (Without the knife, of course)
Does anyone know where I can buy spare parts to the Ipod touch (1st Generation)?

Thankful for anyhelp !

(I've tried to Reboot the iPod loads of times, it doesnt work)

Maybe I should open it up and remove the battery and then try to insert it again ?
Or, maybe theres a way to charge the battery without the syncing cable and then sync it wireless with the tweak from Cydia ?

Thanks in advance,
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