IR Blaster problem


Nov 18, 2012
What can I do to correct the IR blaster signal between my RTV 5040 and the Motorola 2244 Set Top Box. The blaster is sending a channel change signal but the STB does not seem to receive the correct channel number, resulting an incorrect channel selection. It seems that a single digit channel selection to he RTV results in the on-demand channel displayed by the STB. A two digit channel number input to the RTV gets a single digit display and selectuon on the STB. I tried fine tuning the IR code. I need some help.
If the code is correct for the Motorola then try moving the IR blaster away from the box instead of mounting it right over the ir receiver. You may be overloading it which causes intermittent function. Can be very frustrating. Set top boxes are usually designed so the remote will work at quite a long distance.