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  1. curoius

    Solved! What happens when I connect a Full HD set top box to a 720p TV ?

    Hi, I am using this TV http:// This is a "HD Ready TV" aka 720p. My local cable operator has given me a Full HD set top box. When I switch on the TV with the STB connected it says "HDMI 1080i" I am a bit confused. What resolution am I getting ? What happens when I connect a Full HD set...
  2. G

    Virgin Media V6 Review: 4K TV Comes To Cable

    Virgin Media, in the UK, has always been a TV platform that has succeeded largely on the coattails of its super-fast fibre-optic broadband speeds. Here's how it performs. Virgin Media V6 Review: 4K TV Comes To Cable : Read more
  3. G

    Virgin Media Vs BT Vs Sky Q: Ultimate UK TV Showdown

    Which is the best TV platform in the UK? We break down Virgin Media, BT and Sky's offerings to find out Virgin Media Vs BT Vs Sky Q: Ultimate UK TV Showdown : Read more
  4. Z

    UNIC 46+ Projector

    I have the UC46+ projector there is no AV port and set-top box have no HDMI so How I connect my set top box with a projector?
  5. M

    Solved! I have cromax TV . There is no button of recording. How can I record a TV show on GTPL

    I have a cromax TV. It has GTPL set top box. I want to record a TV show on one channel. But there is no record button anywhere. What shall I do??
  6. A

    i cannot connect my set top box audio via sony hometheareDZ290K.

    there are no audio input pin behind the home theatre. i wish to connect my tata sky hd set top box audio via home theatre. onlu dmport in sony DZ290K
  7. S

    Home theater to set top box to tv

    Hi, I have a Samsung Led Tv, Harman kardon Avr 155 Receiver and Videocon D2H set top box. 1. Samsung Led Tv - Optical connection, 3 Hdmi ports 2. Harman kardon Avr 155 3. Set top box - Hdmi and spdif connection. I have connected Hdmi from Set top box to Receiver and Hdmi from Receiver to Tv...
  8. L

    Solved! Problem with set top box connected - no signal

    When i connect blueray player to hdmi it gives signal but when set top box connected no signal. Sound and picturw wants to come through but comes and go then no signal appears [title shortened - repeating sentences not necessary - Moderator]
  9. Paul Wagenseil

    Watch Kodi on Amazon Fire TV? You're About to Be Hacked

    Installing Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV device leaves it vulnerable to infection by a crypocurrency-mining botnet. Watch Kodi on Amazon Fire TV? You're About to Be Hacked : Read more
  10. L

    Solved! How to set resolution on set top box?

    Trying to figure out what is best way to set my set top boxes. The boxes are all digital devices from Cable One. One of my tv's is 1080p another is 720p. They both are connected with HDMI cable. Some of the channels I watch are HD channels others are not. I have tried to do some reading...
  11. K

    how do i set up my samsung 24 inches channels using an antena without set top box in kenya?

    i cant find any channels on my samsung tv
  12. amankumar.spj410

    Solved! Installing kodi on a general STB.

    I have a free to air set top box which supports 1080p, pvr and have wifi capabilities to run YouTube. Can i install kodi on this ? Or any other is that have a browser too ? The STB is of 'Beston' manufacturer and supports mpeg-4 decodition. Thanks!
  13. P

    How can I get home theatre connection for TV and set top box at the same time?

    I'm having Sony home theatre system DAV tz145 and Sony Bravia tv
  14. D

    Sling box m2 & Direct TV

    How do I connect a sling box m2 to my direct tv set top box? I have no audio/video component ports on the set top box.
  15. S

    Solved! smart or set-top box

    I'm on budget and i want to buy a TV. what would you guys recommend ? and should I get it smart or regular with a set-top box?
  16. T

    Set-top Box, CPU, Single Monitor

    I have a desktop PC that I wish to connect with a set-top box to receive TV channels on the monitor. What I have: A BenQ RL2240HE monitor, which has HDMI, DVI-D and D-SUB input ports, as well as one 3.5mm audio output (labelled with a headphone). A typical CPU. A set-top box with an ANT-IN...
  17. J

    My vizio 4k tv looks like crap

    Hi guys, i recently purchased a vizio 4k 65" tv e65e1 from I have connected the tv to an xfinity x1 set top box with a high speed hdmi cable, but the picture quality looks worse than my 1080p tvs around the house. I am very confused as i have messed with the picture settings many times.
  18. Marshall Honorof

    Apple TV 4K Review: One Powerful (But Pricey) Streaming Box

    The Apple TV 4K offers an attractive, customizable interface and affordable UHD content, but design flaws and a subpar remote hold it back. Apple TV 4K Review: One Powerful (But Pricey) Streaming Box : Read more
  19. S

    how to connect a magnavox mdr867h dvr coax antenna to an entone kamai 500 set top box that has no coax connector

    how do you connect a magnavox dvr recorder f type coax antenna to an entone kamai 500 set top box that does not have a coax connector? I assume this connection is for scanning & storing digital cable channels from my set top box to the magnavox for live viewing while I record another channel...
  20. M

    No sound out put through RC

    I have an onkyo TXNR646 and LG smart TV ,both are ARC enabled.The set top box is connected to the TV via HDMI 1 and the TV is connected to the onkyo receiver via HDMI ARC.But can not hear any sounds through the home theater speaker,except we changed it to the TV speakers.In optical connection...
  21. J

    LG Magic Remote and Google Set-Top Box (with Google Fiber)...Can these be paired?

    Can the LG magic remote that comes with LG E6p tv work with the Google set-top box? When I had Time Warner Cable before, it worked with that. I switched to Google Fiber and Googles set-top box, and I cannot figure out how to pair them. When I go thru pairing, I can select Google Fiber as my...
  22. J

    How to connect av connection set top box to hd tv conection

    How to connect av connection set top box to hd tv conection
  23. B

    Connecting Panasonic VSX-90 receiver and Audio-Technica AT-PL120-Direct Drive turntable

    This receiver is currently set up with our Sony flatscreen, set-top box and DVD player. Now, I want to add a Audio-Technica AT-PL120-Direct Drive turntable. The turntable has two phono plugs. However, holes on the receiver are already occupied -- by the DVD plugs, I think. Is there a...
  24. S

    Comcast charge for unreturned hd set top box

    I lost a Comcast hd1 (small) box and I am canceling my service. How much will they charge me for the lost box?
  25. henrytcasey

    Apple TV's Biggest Missing Feature Coming Soon

    The Apple TV may finally get access to Amazon Prime Video this summer, according to a new report. Apple TV's Biggest Missing Feature Coming Soon : Read more
  26. H

    Need help connecting set top box

    i have samsung led tv. there is no different inputs for av and component both are mixed up like yellow and green is one etc. my tv doing well for last 3 years but now suddenly it changes to component except av and my set top box only has 3 RCA cable. i thought as solution an adapter that convert...
  27. Marshall Honorof

    AirTV Player Review: Android TV Meets Antenna TV

    The AirTV is a good — but not great — streaming box with a novel way to integrate broadcast TV, but it takes some time to prove itself. AirTV Player Review: Android TV Meets Antenna TV : Read more
  28. A

    Solved! Digital Coax From TV To SoundBar

    i have my set top box, xbox, chromecast all hooked up to my TV via HDMI. I'm planning on getting a sound bar and i notice that my TV only has the digital coax output. if i get a converter and hook it to my sound bar, will it mean that all audio that goes into the tv currently via the xbox...
  29. A

    Connectivity problem (Yamaha RX V 677 + Egate Brand Projector)

    Dear One, Greetings, I recently purchased a AV Receiver (Yamaha RX V 677) and Egate Brand Projector (Made in India). I have Sony Blu Ray player BDP S4100 and Airtel Set Top Box. The problem is : I am not able to see movies through projector. I tried lots of permutation combination. Some was...
  30. X

    Looking for a solution to capture TV using a Laptop

    My first idea was to connect the HDMI to HDMI cable to my set-top-box and the other end to my laptop. But that wouldn't work because my Laptop HDMI port doesn't support input. If you know a way to use my Laptop HDMI port for input, please reply. If not, continue reading Now I am thinking of...
  31. C

    How to "piggy back" a non-HD TV off an HD cable set top box?

    Forgive me - I will NOT use the correct terminology, here, and this may be confusing. In our living room, we had a Comcast Sci Atlanta Explorer 3300 (non-HD) set top box connected to an HD TV. It also had a coax cable connected to the STB "cable out" connector that ran out to our sunroom...
  32. J

    Can I share one set top box between hd tv and an old analogue tv

    Can I share one set top box between old analogue tv and a hdtv
  33. R

    Now HDMI ports only work on set top box not DVD players, PS3, or laptop, I changed ports and cables.same issue each of the 3 p

    HDMI ports only work on set top box not DVD players, PS3, or laptop, I changed ports and cables.same issue each of the 3 ports, the set top box works fine in all ports and no issues with Netflix, DVD players and PS3 work fine on other tv's, used different HDMI cables no change.
  34. D

    can we get hdtv with only a coax cable hook-up? dont have a set top box.

    hdtv from cable
  35. X

    Sound problem hdmi to dvi

    Hi there, I'm using an old lg tv (2005 model so it doesn't have hdmi ports) and my set top box has an hdmi port now I've also got a hdmi to dvi cord which I am using and my tv picks it up perfectly, however there's no sound, i've set the audio settings to play with the HDMI I've also tried coax...
  36. Marshall Honorof

    Roku Ultra Review — The Media Streamer to Beat

    The Roku Ultra lives up to its name, with 4K resolution, HDR support, digital audio, USB connectivity and more than 3,500 channels. Roku Ultra Review — The Media Streamer to Beat : Read more
  37. R

    Connecting LG 4k TV, 4k set top box and LG home theater system

    Hi Guys, Please help me here. My main objective is to get 5.1 channel surround sound while watching movies using my set top box. I am from India, mentioning this as the tv home theater and satellite channels may/may not be available or popular in some parts of the world. I use a LG 4k tv...
  38. S

    World max tv android box

    Hello all. I have a world max tv set top box. Sometimes it turns off and on a couple of occasions it didn't. Any explanation as to why that occurs? Also does this set top box have a camera? If so then can that camera be used from someone else to watch me?
  39. R

    TCL HDTV connected to set top box with composite cable. Got video but no sound.

    TCL HDTV connected to set top box with composite cable. Got video but no sound. How can I fix this? STB menu and TV menu look the same.
  40. M

    How can I watch HD tv on 2 tv's using 1 set top box

    I need to know what to do so I can watch tv on 2 rooms using 1 set top box
  41. T

    How to use difderent tvs on one set top box

    Hi is there a way i can use two tvs on one set top box. I searched alot but it turns out that i can only use two tvs on the same box if i view the same channel on it. I cant view different channels. Is there any way i can view different channels on different tvs using the same set top box?
  42. S

    Can I transfer my coaxial cable signal to set top box through wireless.i mean to say that is it possible if the cable is outsi

    Actually we buy a new home theater and we want to fix it in our living room and we won't display our cable wire to entire wall.because set top box is connecting with cable and if want to run r the cable in TV so we need drilling inside and black cable will look so bad on wall so what we want is...
  43. S

    Connection of projector to set top box

    I have to connect projector to set top box. Is it possible ? What system I should have for Audio output ?
  44. H

    An incompatible video signal has been received

    My Sharp Aquos tv says incompatible video signal has been received Only on some channels Have tried new aerial Reset factory settings Nothing else is connected to tv It has an internal set top box Could it be the set top box has died
  45. K

    I am not picking up any signal in my flat. We have just bought a philips 4k ultra hd tv and no signal though my set top box wh

    I am not picking up a TV signal in my flat. We have just bought a philips 4k 49 inch ultra hd tv and there is no signal not ether from my free sat box there is also no start pont on TV and we tried hdmi and still no joy we have change the input and resolution no signal . My Arial is a coaxial...
  46. harsh_hk

    Want to connect my set-top box to external speakers

    My STB has one AV out port and one S/PDIF (digital optical audio) out port. What kind of speakers I need to look at? If I am not wrong, the AV out port is the stereo 3.5mm port, isn't it? Would it connect to a speaker which has rca (red and white) ports. I want the cheapest option. Please look...
  47. W

    Solved! Hooking up digital HD set-top box to PC and Monitor/s

    I'm trying to figure out how to hook up my HD set top box to my computer so I can watch TV on my two monitors and I can think of a few solutions, but would like to know if there are any other options. The set top box uses either HDMI or component output for HD to connect to a regular TV...
  48. P

    Searching for streaming media player

    I've come to tom's frequently in the past for help from the community and always found great support. Most recently, I've been surprised how difficult (read, impossible) it has become to find a streaming media player to suit my needs. Here is what I need from a streaming set top box: - ethernet...
  49. S

    Weak sound from speakers when monitor connected to set top box via HDMI

    Hello, I have a BenQ VZ2250 monitor with HDMI feature. I have connected my monitor to a HD Set Top Box thru a HDMI cable and also connected my 2 speaker 3.5 mm male jacks to set top box female ports (Left & Right Audio ports) but, the sound coming out of the speakers is very low but the video is...
  50. G

    FCC Wants You to Have More Choice Over Your Cable Box

    A proposed rule by the FCC's chairman would open up the cable box business instead of requiring you to rent equipment from your cable provider. FCC Wants You to Have More Choice Over Your Cable Box : Read more
  51. Marshall Honorof

    Best Roku Channels 2014

    Whether you're looking for movies, TV shows, music or kids' programming, these Roku apps rise above the rest. Best Roku Channels 2014 : Read more
  52. D

    1 Set top box, 2 tv's. Is this a long term solution?

    Hello. I hope there are some people with more knowledge than I have, that can tell me if this solution will work long term. So I have two tv's. One in the living room and one in the bedroom. Only one gets watched at a time, and there were no issues before we got a cable box. We used to have...
  53. M

    Converting for set-top box

    I want to download movies from internet and watch them on my set-top box, because I don't have a PC. How can I convert these files (in my case MP4) so I can play them on the set-top box. I know they are different format. I think it is TRP.
  54. magnificent_90

    merge mts files without conversion

    I have been looking for a software to merge my mts files without necessarily converting them but I haven't yet been successful. (as I have recorded movies on my set top box, it has given me two or three separated mts files for a single movie then I need to merge them) I have used the...
  55. Marshall Honorof

    Roku 4 Review — Channeling 4K Content

    The Roku 4 streams in full 4K at up to 60 frames per second and has more than 2,500 channels, but it's familiar and a bit pricey. Roku 4 Review — Channeling 4K Content : Read more
  56. G

    Slingbox M2 Review: Live Streaming TV Without Restrictions

    The Slingbox M2 can stream whatever you see on your TV, but it doesn’t improve much on the previous generation. Slingbox M2 Review: Live Streaming TV Without Restrictions : Read more
  57. Marshall Honorof

    Best Android TV Apps 2015

    If you want to go beyond the built-in Google Movies and TV app, here are the top Android TV apps to get you started. Best Android TV Apps 2015 : Read more
  58. J

    Connecting Tv & Pc to a single Set-top-box

    I have a question.....suppose i want to have two connections from a single set top box ->TV ->Computer attached with a TV Tuner Now i am using a hathway set top box which has a COAX Input and with two outputs COAX and AV The AV connections are already connected to my TV. Now here are my...
  59. S

    Can I setup a wireless access point through a split coaxial cable that is currently attached to a set-top box?

    So, I am on Time Warner and am trying to figure out a solution to get better wireless access for the back half of the house. I have tried a powerline adapter but my circuit breakers degrade the signal too much for a wireless access point to be effective and I have tried wifi extenders but also...
  60. Z

    Time Warner's adapter doesn't get Christian channels.

    We went through a week of waiting and 2 techs before finally finding out the new adapter doesn't pick up any of the Christian channels we watch. I told the last tech to please put in feedback from me to make an adapter that does or else never end use of the set top box. We can get all our...