is 1000w amp an ideal choice for a 800w Subwoofer & bridging

Aug 29, 2018

I'm fairly new to the audio game, have owned some powered boxes over the past couple of years.

I'm quite sure this will work but I wanted to ask whether it's ideal matching these two.

The subwoofer I'm wanting to buy is an FS Audio 21" 800w Nominal / 1600w Program @ 4ohm.

The only affordable amp I can find which runs 4ohm is the Behringer Nuke-1000 which gives 1000w @ 4ohms bridged.

I don't want a massive compromise, I want it to sound great, is this a reasonable set-up?

My other question is: Can I run both 'Left' and 'Right' into the amp that is running bridged, therefore making my single subwoofer play the bass for both channels?


I see two issues...

The first thing is....that amp is not a subwoofer amp. It is designed to pass high frequencies if you want it I don't really see it as ideal if you want to just use it for a subwoofer.

Although it does have a low pass filter, which would not send the higher frequencies to the that's a plus....but you can't adjust the crossover from what I that's a minus.

As far as left and right....the short answer is "no" mix the left and right together before you send it to the amp with a mixer.
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