Question Connecting a subwoofer and speakers to an amp.

Feb 25, 2020
Hey people, i have this speaker set with a subwoofer:
the subwoofer has a built in amp.

and this amp:

heres a picture of the back side,t_large/v1547615374/nokwyk0yeo6c97dzfwff.jpg

is there any possible way to connect the two? i have no experience with this stuff.

sorry for the poor english and grammar :=(
Remove the jumpers between the main in and pre outs on the Yamaha. Connect the pre outs to the line level input on the speakers. Turn the volume control on the speaker controller up until you hear background hiss coming from the speakers and then back it down until you don't hear it any more.
You are using the Yamaha integrated amp as a preamp so would control the volume from the Yamaha.
You could connect the power cord of the speakers to the switched AC outlet on the back of the Yamaha. That would turn on the speakers when you turned on the Yamaha.
You would want to get a pair of passive speakers down the road which would likely sound much better. Even cheap ones would sound better.
The Yamaha is an integrated amplifier which means it has a preamp, which boosts signal levels, controls source and volume, and a basic power amp that further boosts the signal so it can play loudspeakers.
They put the connection between the two sections of the integrated amp on the back so you can separate the two functions connect an external power amp to the preamp (as you want to do), use the amp with another preamp, or connect a signal processor, such as an equalizer.
The jumpers would have to be in place to get signal from the preamp section of the integrated amp to the power amp section. No sound without the jumpers.
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