Is 24-bit Hi-Fi Sound on Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro just a gimmick?

Sep 1, 2022
Hi. I've tried the Galaxy Buds Pro 2, and their sound is out of this world. 24bit HiFi sound through bluetooth speakers is real, and it's delicious. In the past your website has had trusted reviews. I love hi end audio, and these buds are the first mass produced, mass adopted hi end audio products to date. This is the future of audio. And I believe it's where your website should dig into - at least on the audio side. I'd love for you all to start that conversation now and get ahead of it. Once other big bands get on this technology, it will be what everyone will be talking about - I promise you. It will also create a chain reaction of other products and services to support it, and compete with it. I'd love to read more about this stuff first from a trusted website like this one. Cheers.