Is it possible to connect my TV to a projector?

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Jan 29, 2013
I have a Vizio 32 In. model VOJ320F1A that I would like to connect to a projector I just acquired. Is this even possible? I don't see any video outputs on the TV so my first thought is no, but I thought I would take it to some people with alot more knowledge and experience.


You cannot connect your TV to your projector, but if you have a cable or satellite set top box (or DVD, Blu-Ray, VCR), you should be able to connect the output of the set top box to the projector (and the audio to a home theater system).

Personally, I have my HTPC's DVI output connected to the HDMI input of my projector. It makes movie night and special sporting events (can you say Superbowl in HD on a 135" screen?) really special.

-Wolf sends
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