Question Is It Possible To:Download Showbox,Tubemate & Cast from Iphone6, Also Can I Transfer Music Library from Android Phone

May 24, 2019
Really want to purchase an Iphone 6 as I've fallen in love with the hardware, after using a friends for a couple days I love the aesthetics, ease of use, camera & screen (and second hand price tag) however I've always relied heavily on the ability to cast from my phone to tv using chromecast, I download music via tubemate as this is how I've built my music library and don't want to start fresh, on the subject can I transfer my music library from my android phone to Iphone


All depends on what your music library is exactly. If it's non drm files like MP3 and such, you can just copy the files to the phone. If they were purchased from a service, when you logon to that service on the iPhone, your music should be available there.
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