Is it worth upgrading to sennhiser HD 598 from Audio technica ATH m30x


Aug 31, 2017
I understand that both these headphones (m30x and HD 598) are in a different league but is the sennhiser HD 598 really magical sounding pair of headphones compared to the likes of m30x because as a student it is a huge investment for me(8-9k Indian rupees or $130) and for some reason normal HD 598 costs almost twice as much compared to the special edition in my country, is there any difference in sound quality between normal and special edition one?
And is fiio k1 enough to properly drive these headphones (HD 598) nicely so overall I want advice on whether HD 598 really be step up from my current headphones and is worth the money.
I don't mind little sound leakage and I am also not much of a heavy bass loving person and I mostly listen to laid back music like chillstep and such.