Is Ivy Bridge or Haswell better for laptops?


Jul 15, 2013
I'm getting a new laptop because mine can't handle casual gaming any more. I was going to get a i7 Haswell chip in my new machine, but then I started reading about heat issues. So which would be cooler - an Ivy Bridge with a ton of RAM or a Haswell c hip?
A haswell chip is much better for laptops cause it uses less power and also is a bit faster then the ivy bridge cpu's.
So defenitly Haswell.


For laptops, I think the power features of Haswell may actually lead to better battery life. All of those features don't make a lot of sense in a desktop, and that seems to be what most of the their development went into.

Much of the temperature issues mentioned on this site are when overclocking, which isn't really a good idea in most laptops. It seems that at low-power Haswell chips are very efficient, getting a lot of compute power out of less energy.