Question Is there a way on the phone or carrier level to block incoming caller ID?

Jun 16, 2021

My son has a vengeful ex-wife situation who loves making his life (and new wifey too) miserable.
Saddest part is she uses their adopted daughter as a pawn for a lot of the misery.

New wifey doesn't want old wifey to get her phone number to blow up her phone with texts/calls of course.
But the daughter, 8 years old, really wants a cellphone.
I used to work for Verizon/Frontier, so I know the landlines can enable/disable the incoming caller ID at the provider, but I've never heard of that with cellphone companies.
Or is there a way to disable that function on the Android devices themselves?

Or is anyone aware of any other cellular devices that the daughter could use when she's spending the weekend over there, but still not display incoming caller ID?

They purchased the Relay device ( but of course kids want smartphones or smart watches.

Thanks for any assistance in this,