is there such a thing that a hard drive can go to a frozen state due to not being used for a year?

snowman 1261

Sep 20, 2014
My wife's laptop has been laying in our bedroom closet for over a year due to our puppies chewing thru the power cord. I ordered a new one the other day from acer and when I got it the laptop turned on and it said "bootmgr missing use ctrl alt del to reboot" friend of mine told me to check security status in bios and clear all her passwords I did that but the hdd goes back to a frozen state but clears on a cold boot still get same message and goes back to frozen state . any help would be great b4 I call acer and pay them more money to fix this old box. just want it to run Netflix on chromecast for guest room is it worth spending the money?


Mar 26, 2006
just buy a new hd for it, they are pretty cheap these days ( If you are unsure of installing it, that can get a little expensive (over $100 bucks).
Now there are are new cheap notebooks out there, if they are more powerful than your laptop, then it might be time to retire it.


Nov 19, 2013
It can happen, in fact mine did, over a year it hadn't been used, and I had to buy another one. Previously it did work.


Jun 25, 2014

The HDDs are not sealed devices; each one has an air vent, so if the HDD is not periodically used and is keeped in an area with humid air and/or big thermal variations (the fast cold/hot variations cause condensation) the internal mechanical components and the electrical contacts gets rusted/oxidated; the HDD is compromised.
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