Is there SW app that can maintain switching between multiple OS's and HardDrives


Jul 7, 2015
Is the following scenario possible?
Functionality of 2 computers on the same desktop device.
User 1 for work , User 2 for personal

In a single OS environment, multiple users have the ability to switch between themselves on the fly.
They are also allowed to open the same application, ... however,

If User1 has a VPN connection established, soon as User2 logs on, the VPN for User1 is disconnected. I assume that is due to only one network connection being shared by two users simultaneously.

The same applies with SW Applications, they are visible and accessible by both users.

does anyone know if this is possible ,...

    Install 2 bootable HDD's each with its own OS. HDD 1=Windows 7 contains work apps, HDD2 =Windows 10 contains personal apps

    Install a network card with 2 ports, assigning specific ports to each HDD or OS allowing simultaneous independent connection to the Internet

    Boot the desktop device with both OS's running
    having the ability to switch between OS's on the fly.

OS's over multiple HDD's run independently of each other allowing the user to switch between them without a physical restart.

Desired Results
-When I start a VPN session on Work Computer HDD1, I should be able to switch over to Personal Computer HDD 2, use the public network and sustain the original VPN connection.

-If I install an application on HDD1&2, I should be able to open a session of that app on each OS independently of each other

-If I install an app only HDD1, it should not be seen or be accessible by HDD2.

You cannot switch between two OSs without restart. Period.
You can, however, have two OSs running on same physical hardware, remotely accessed.

What you want to do can be done with running eg "Home OS" as a virtual machine inside "Work OS" (or vice versa).

So - stop cheating your employer that you work but you dont.


Jul 7, 2015
i just read more about virtual machine. I think you're correct it's the best way to go...
this will solve my security issues. I can log in on one virtual machine and switch to the other.
the only thing not confirmed, or i can't find yet, ... will the network sustain a connection with both virtual machines simultaneously or will i drop the VPN when switching to the other VM.
You can run your "Work OS" inside VM, and your host "Home OS" will have no idea there is VPN.
If you bind guest OS' network adapter to host OS' physical network adapter, it will get its own IP address, and won't care about VPN either.
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