Is this a good laptop for minecraft?

The laptop is more than enough for Minecraft. I have never played that game, but I know it is CPU bound. However, it is not very graphic intensive.

Skyrim is both CPU bound as well as GPU bound, but your laptop is fine for that game especially considering the low resolution.

For a work or productivity standpoint I personally would not choose a laptop with only 1366x768 resolution since I multitask a lot and may have several windows opened and switch back and forth between them. A higher resolution screen means a larger desktop so you can see more "things" on the screen. I have a Lenovo Y470 and while the 1366x768 resolution is fine for games, for everything else I do it is too low of a resolution for my needs. My next laptop will have either a 1600x900 or more likely 1920x1080 resolution. Higher resolution means lower game performance, but I could simply lower the resolution to play games.

I'm not sure if my next laptop will have a dedicated graphics chip since playing games is what my desktop is for.
it would be more than enough for minecraft.for skyrim it should do well on medium to high setting on lower res(1280x720 or 1366x768).on high res it would start to choke..the i5 and 650m should be a decent performer for most games.