Is this a good laptop for my brother?

That will pay counter strike fine since that is an old game. It's not a good gaming laptop but will pass for one if you run on low settings. I would not get it though, the A6 CPU is not a "gaming" CPU at all.

It will handle the older games like Half Life 2 eaily, and will run WOW and such at decent speeds at low settings. Newer games it will likely not run good enough to play even on low settings.

Gaming laptops start at about $700 for something that you won't want to return the first day. If you want to be happy with a laptop for gaming for more than a week, you are looking at about $1,000. Unless you get a used one, then you can find a very nice gaming laptop for 3-500.

The money in that system is wasted on the touch screen instead of a better CPU. anything there over the first model is a good one to get, although the 840m is not the best card for good results in newer games, the 850 or 860 are better.

If he will ever play newer games, a lower end system is fine.