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  1. G

    Water spilled on laptop. Laptop turns off after 10 seconds

    Hello. I let my brother use my HP Envy 17t-J100 Quad edition laptop. He spilled iced tea on the keyboard. He says it was on when he spilled it, and then turned off after the spill. He also attempted to turn on the laptop multiple times and tried to charge it. He gave it to me after a few hours...
  2. C

    Solved! Help needed with smart home

    Hi there, my brother recently asked me if when he buys his new house If I can basically just turn it into a full smart home, including curtains controlled by Alexa/google home haven't decided which one I'll use yet. How much will everything cost? Like hive heating and everything. Also including...
  3. P

    Logitech Z906 DB-15 schema

    Hello evrybody, My brother brooke the DB-15 on my Logitech Z906. I've bought a new DB-15, but I don't know how to connect pins. That's why I'm looking for this DB-15 pin-out schema. Could you help me please. Thanks a lot for your answer. Jy
  4. C

    when i turn on my asus sonicmaster laptop it goes right to enter password and i dont remember it how do i get pass that and ge

    when i power it on it goes directly to enter password my brother was using it and he went away for a while and i don't no the password to get in to reset it . Can someone help me please ?
  5. B

    Solved! My ipad games wont load/crashing

    Last week my brother bought us a new Ipad.. so of course i tried download some games on it.. I tried downloading Nova 3 and Brother in Arms which are working very fine and without lag. but when I tried playing Toram online ,Rules of survival and Honkai impact it seems that they crash in a...
  6. D

    Solved! How can you fix cracks in a 4g lte phone

    My 5 year old brother got my phone and put it under a towel and my stepsister knew but didn't do anything about it
  7. J

    Need an advice for a new laptop

    Hi guys My brother would like to buy a new gaming laptop. We have budged up to EUR 1.300,- and preferably at least 17 inch screen Can you give us an advice for the best money/performance We are looking at many tech sites but the results are mostly misleading. Thank you
  8. M

    Microlab TMN1 2:1 vs 4:1

    Microlab TMN1 2:1 & 4:1 are specifically the same? My brother has one which is 2:1 and I love it. I'm about to buy one and if the specifications goes same I'll go for 4:1.
  9. jimmulvaney

    Trouble adding a hard drive to HP Notebook

    So my brother has an HP 14-an013nr notebook, and was told to buy a WD10JPLXSP -1TB -Sata drive to add to it, along with a 2.5" SSD to 3.5" SATA HDD adapter with caddy tray, We separated the adapter from the tray because it was way too big for the notebook, but when we opened up the notebook...
  10. P

    my brother has lost his oppo f1 phone in a road accident and now i want to trace that phone only with IEMI number. i as dont h

    my brother has lost his oppo f1 phone in a road accident and died on spot and now i want to trace his phone only with IEMI number. i as dont have any other details with me. Please help to find his mobile phone.
  11. S

    Help me pls

    Can u please help me my brother was pushing my chromebook and now it has turned white with black on the sides and nothing will come on except that
  12. S

    Solved! Graphics Card Upgrade For a dell

    My brother just bought an Inspiron 3470, i5 8400, intel uhd 630 graphics card. Is it possible to upgrade the graphics card to something better?
  13. L

    Shift button not working

    Hi, My shift button is not working my sticky keys are off, driver updated...... It starts with i installing a just cause 2 mods and my brother plays it for 5 hours...... Any help will be appreciated (I using a ps/2) Sorry for my bad english
  14. G

    Brother MFC-L2750DW XL Review

    The Brother MFC-L2750DW is a quick small-office all-in-one that delivers a low cost per page, plenty of features and lots of speed. Brother MFC-L2750DW XL Review : Read more
  15. C

    How can i bypass Samsung S7 FRP lock as of May 2018?

    I was going to give my Samsung to my little brother but i forgot to sign of my account after i did a factory reset. I can't remember the account password or phone number. Am i screwed?
  16. A

    Solved! Too hot While playing games

    My brother plays PUBG mobile on oppo a37f. And its temp go around 85-70 celcius. When their is no app runing it runs at 42-50 celcius. Is it safe to run at 85 C But my brother plays about 1-2 hours continuously at 85 C is it safe for phone.
  17. K

    How do I connect my internet to my vizio tv wyithout a remote?

    My brother gave me this tv but he didn't have the remote. I downloaded the app but I need to connect my WiFi
  18. Lycaone

    Google Pixel question

    Hi there, my brother is most likely going to buy the Google Pixel, but he hasn't bought it yet because he really likes playing Clash of Clans and I'm not sure if the ChromeOS supports it. (I know that the ChromeOS is a modified version of Android and I'm scared that it won't support it anymore) ....
  19. M

    iPhone 5- AT&T to Verizon?

    My brother gave my mother his old iPhone 5 model md638ll/a that he had with AT&T. I wanted to add that phone to my Verizon account. I called Verizon and they said I can't do it because it's not for use with Verizon service. Is there any way around this?
  20. H

    Streaming from laptop

    My brother is buying a gaming laptop i think with i7-7700hq,32gb ram and a gtx 1050ti He's buying a laptop so he can carry it arround and because he is a college student. Will he be able to stream from it.(Games like WoW and League)
  21. M

    how can i fix this

    my nextbook tablet just suddenly stops connecting to internet after my little brother dropped it. like i will turn my wifi on but it will no find any available networks and i have already checked my router but still same as before
  22. A

    Looking for a new Laptop, any suggestions?

    My brother is looking to get a laptop for his girlfriend for Christmas, and asked what kind I have. I got About a year ago, but with how computers are I'm sure there is a faster, and cheaper one out now...
  23. N

    Can I play AC Brother hood without a graphic card

    I have a 6 GB RAM ,2.4Ghz,Intel HD graphics(shared VGA upto 3 GB)i3 7100U 7 generation laptop. can I play AC brotherhood
  24. B

    How do i Reset this Nextbook

    Im trying to reset my little brother nextbook but it keeps going to "Select Boot Mode", i select "Recovery Mode" and a screen with a broken android says "No Command" he says he might have used up all the memory downloading apps (im pretty sure it's a virus)
  25. U

    my brother stole my phone and he kept saying peppa pig stole it

    its kind of an apple ipad nd i cant locate it since its dead i asked my baby brother where he put it and he say peppa pig took it and i need it so i can wake up for school if i dont i will get in BIG trouble can anyone help if you cant thanks anyway
  26. H

    My Samsung tablet also keeps turning off after a while and then I have to wait until it cools off. My brother has the same pro

    My battery works fine but it over heats real fast, and then it shuts down. Have I done something to cause this. I have a Samsung 8 inch tablet.
  27. T

    Will reactivating my boost mobile phone Change the number

    Just wondering because my brother needs a phone
  28. Y

    Any way i can completely reset my phone?

    Hey guys i have a problem! My little brother was on my phone last week and he was searching for games on internet and seems like hes click on add and download virus. On my phone was a weird program so i opened it to se what is this. So when i open the program phone crashed. Now my phone is...
  29. J

    Looking for a $300 - $400 laptops or 2 in 1

    I am looking for a brand new 2017 laptop or 2 in 1 laptop for my brother. The laptop needs to be able to handle Overwatch, TF2, and CSGO. I'm only looking to spend $300 - $400 on the laptop, but if i have to can go up to $455 max.
  30. J

    how can i get my contacts back from broken sim ?

    how can i get my contacts back from broken sim ?
  31. B

    error message on trying to install brother printer driver

    I get an error message every time I try and install a printer driver from brother
  32. A

    I have same problem and brother has explained already that system does not lockup but the cursor only. Your troubleshooting st

    I have same problem and brother has explained already that system does not lockup but the cursor only. Your troubleshooting st
  33. P

    how do i revert jpg file back to original mp4 file

    somehow when I thought I was using a good program wondershare to zip my mp4 files of my brother in laws wedding, my mp4 files got converted to jpg files and now they are pictures. How do I get the video back?
  34. C

    2 microphones in the same room

    Hello guys! My brother and I were thinking of converting an unused room into a sort of "gaming room" to free up some space in our actual rooms. One thing that we were worried about is mic echo, as we are both quite often playing games together and in the same chat room, such is in discord or...
  35. G

    Gigabyte vs Asus

    hey, i will buy a new laptop for my brother soon. the purpose of this laptop will be a lot of Information and Techology for college students. I narrowed the options into 2. 1) Asus zenbook u310uq and 2) Gigabte sabre 15. Thankyou for your help guys :)
  36. S

    Floureon BM 100FX UNKNOWN CABLE??

    so i have an issue, i recieved a microphone from my brother, a Floureon BM-100FX and its a good little microphone..i mean it does the job for £15 and the XLR cable broke behind the XLR female connector that goes into the mic, but the problem is that i cannot find a replacement cable ANYWHERE as...
  37. N

    Unfreeze the mouse touch Pad

    By small brother was just going on clicking keys. It suddenly stopped working. My father needs it urgently to work PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
  38. A

    Which would you choose ?

    My brother got 2 laptops and asked me to keep 1 ! Which should I choose ? I regularly play pes 17 ! 1st - 2nd -...
  39. B

    How do i reset my modem/wifi ?

    Hey. Recently my little brother gave our wifi password to the neighbours who is also his friend. I noticed them using our wifi, standing outside the home quite often. I don't want to say "you shouldn't use our wifi" directly, i think its rude. Instead are there anyways to reset my password by...
  40. R

    Asus X550iu switchable graphic problem

    So my brother recently got an Asus X550iu with amd Rx460 (4gb) gpu and r7 (1gb) integrated gpu, but many games just detecting the 1gb integrated gpu for example watch dogs 2 (yeah not a good title for amd, only got like 15-20 fps with lowest setting), but this also happened on rome 2 total war...
  41. A

    Solved! Good laptop around $300

    Hello! I need to get a new laptop for my brother that is around $300 since his old one is too slow. He watches youtube and plays minecraft. The laptops i found are:
  42. R

    Password protected Downloading

    I really like my computer, but my brother spoils the fun when he downloads junk, such as Roblox, on my computer. I know there's probably an easy route that I've forgotten, but is there a way to make the user put a password everytime you install something? I've tried making the current user...
  43. T

    Bose series 6 acoustimass iii not as loud?

    Hey their, So me and my brother have the same Surround sound system, Bose series 6 acoustimass iii, but I feel that his system produces better sound. Currently I have no true way to compare for I'm in school and have my system two hours away, but when I come home and listen to his it sound...
  44. A

    Macbook Pro help

    My niece actually spilled some water on her dad's macbook pro. So my brother opened up the macbook pro to check if anything was damaged. There was a small amount of water that got inside. So my brother dried out the inside of the macbook pro. To make the long story short. Whenever he logs in he...
  45. N

    New laptop and both shift keys do not work.

    Good morning, My brother purchased a new laptop on Friday. It is the MSI MSI GL62 6QD-408UK, Intel Core i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processor. The laptop was delivered this morning. After completing the start up process he was told he had to create an online MSI account. So, he began to enter his...
  46. S

    My two ASUS laptops aren't turning on!!! Please help!!!

    Tried fixing my brother ASUS laptop. It wasn't charging and won't turn on either. I used my charger (same model laptops) but now my laptop has a similar issue. Mine has had a couple of Driver_State_Piwer_Failure. We both need our laptops for school this week, so the quicker we get them back...
  47. S

    Best cheap PCs in europe (website)?

    My brother needs a new PC (200-250€) and I don't know where to buy it. I think on they're the cheapest.
  48. hatib

    need help with surround sound

    guys so my brother pc have a asus m5a78l-m usb3 it supports dts and dolby and the receiver is onkyo tx-ds494 which supports both dts and dolby digital.The is that he gets pro logic which is fake when using spdif when going to audio playback devices the optical connection have 2 option default...
  49. Aleister

    The audio jack of my computer got damaged. What can I do?

    Hello everyone, Some time ago, my brother damaged the frontal audio jack of my computer. He stumbled with it and the headphone jack bent inside... Since then, every time I plug in some headphones, I have to spend a couple of minutes playing with the cable until the sound comes from both sides...
  50. S

    How to unlock macbook pro

    My brother had locked my macbook....... It is asking a four digit pin. And showing "Return my mac, I know you" Tell me how to unlock Plz
  51. R

    I was hacked by a cs go hack , HEELP

    my brother had downloaded some hacks for cs go from my computer,today when i arrived home and my computer just uploated some aimbot hacks videos to youtube ,what shoul i do,help
  52. G

    My kid set up a password but now doesn't remember.

    Hi, sorry for bothering you guys but recently my brother gave my kids a new laptop, Inspiron 11 3000 series. I didn't have time to set it up so when I came home from work I come to found out that my daughter followed the instructions but now doesn't remember the password. I don't think she knew...
  53. G

    Best free AV for Windows 10 64x

    Hey can anyone suggest me good, free but best antivirus for Windows 10. Currently I am using windows defender utility but I dont trust it, I do internet surfing and I have many important datas in my hdd on which I am currently working, I have backup of those in my pendrive but they r really...
  54. L

    My tablet won't turn on its just a blue screen and I had it for almost 2 yrs

    I had my tablet for 2 yrs now and now it shuts off? My brother had the same thing and we had to throw it a way I don't want to throw away mine please help so I don't Have to throw away
  55. MontyInHD

    New Gaming Laptop

    So my brother is looking for a laptop for casual gaming, and with a budget of £500 with small flexibility I knew it was going to be shallow. So I've come here looking for a awesome laptop with good frames and a good resolution. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears, thanks for all help.
  56. D

    Connected laptop adapter to low voltage power outlet, what's the worse that could happen?

    Ok so my brother is visiting the US carrying his Macbook which he bought here in India. The outlet voltage in my country ranges from 220v to 240v. My brother connected his macbook to the indian adapter and the adapter to a US outlet rated at I suppose 110 V (I think, isn't that the norm in the...
  57. Salvis

    Brother is hacking into my Pc

    Soo, my brother somehow managed get into my pc with a phone and a usb.. And i really dont like that, because its my personal computer and i dont want anyone to go and play video games on it. Soo, because im tired of it and i dont really know what to do about it i searched alot of forums and...
  58. G

    HP Pavilion g7-1075 DX Notebook

    Hi I have a HP Pavilion g7-1075 DX Notebook that my brother gave me when he died I was going to buy a new laptop with 4k resolution but since I got this one I thought I would ask if a 4k resolution motherboard would work in this Notebook
  59. W

    i have a acer one 10 but the letters 'njko and 9 does not work, any suggestions?

    My brother send it to me as a gift. but the keyboard is not working correctly. the n j k o and 9 keys work when i log on but not one anything else. the fn for num lock also doesn't seem to be working. Anyone that can help?
  60. D

    RCA tablet wont charge

    My brother's tablet is over a year old and all of a sudden his tablet won't charge. We've tried several chargers and outlets and it still wont charge. Help!!!