My ipad games wont load/crashing


Jun 2, 2017
Last week my brother bought us a new Ipad.. so of course i tried download some games on it.. I tried downloading Nova 3 and Brother in Arms which are working very fine and without lag. but when I tried playing Toram online ,Rules of survival and Honkai impact it seems that they crash in a certian part of the game. for example in Toram online after loading screen. it just randomly crashes or exits the game. as for Ros and Honkai impact. it seems like the three games keeps crashing after the loading screen..

I tried other solution like rebooting the ipad by holding the home button and the wake/sleep button at the same time but it just wont work. I also tried updating my device but it says that my ipad is update.
Dec 29, 2018
My suggestion would be to try new games that your Ipad can handle. I think that a great game for you would be Age of Strategy. It's a turn-based retro RPG-ish kind of game and is really addicting. You start of with a few soldiers, and then seize a village to produce more soldiers. You take control of more places and soon you get to conquer other civilizations. In multiplayer mode, you fight against or team up with players around the world in a real-time battle. You and your friends will take turns, placing and moving units and constructing fortresses and barracks. There are transport units which you can use to move around troops faster, and in-game structures where you can shelter your battalion. You can also purchase upgrades in the store and use them to your advantage. Overall, this is an amazing game! If you have never tried a strategy game before and feel like you want to try one, choose Age of Strategy. If you already play a strategy game and are looking for the best one for your Ipad, choose Age of Strategy.
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