Is This Combo Worth It? (Sound Blaster Zx Card w/ Astro A40's)


Oct 6, 2012

I came across this combo deal on newegg... I play games on the PC a lot as well as xbox games with my friends, but I just don't know if I can justify the 300 dollars for this? Can someone try to convince me one way or the other? I've been wanting to try the Astro's for a bit and this sound card seems pretty nice (I've never had a standalone card). All help appreciated.


The Astro 40 headset is pretty good so getting a sound card with it is a decent deal. For the most part any more you don't really need a separate sound card any more like the old days. Some people find the need for a sound card who want a little better quality or doing audio work, then it is justified but for gaming the sound chip on the MOBO is good.

But you could skip the sound card and just get an Astro 40 for less. The Mix Amp on the Astro are nice so get one with the mix amp.

Happy Listening, the Prisoner.
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