Is updating bios dangerous


Dec 9, 2012
I want to update my bios system,downloaded it from dell inspiron N5010 site,im sure its my systems bios ,but Iam not sure it could help me to solve my problem.3 keys of my systems keyboard dont work (arrow left,right and down)


Aug 20, 2008
Yes a bios update can be dangerous. And even when my own parts I only do it when required even though I got a dual bios board. If plan to do it make sure to read the instructions carefully, have proper bios, and you're not at risk of losing power.

As far as fixing keys on your keyboard I seriously doubt a bios fix will do that. Though where you got the update from should tell what it fixes.


Oct 27, 2012
A bios update will not solve the problem of your keys not working on the laptop keyboard.
It is likely the membrane or conductive switches have worn out. You buy a replacement keyboard to fix this problem. You only need to update the bios if you have current problems with the one you have. If you get the wrong bios you will brick the laptop and render it useless. Have a look on ebay or something for a replacement keyboard for the laptop.


Feb 22, 2007
As stated above, This is a keyboard issue.
What you want to do is Google "replace key board in laptop" Insert your model for Keyboard. You will often find step by step instructions and or a youtube video.
May also find a keyboard replacement by googling.

As To Bios.
Generally you only need to update the Bios for a laptop when:
1) The laptop has just come out on the market.
2) Performance issures
3) Replacing a component such as memory, or replacing the HDD with a SSD that may be not be supported by the older bios.
Read what the Updated bios improves on and if the improvements are need, then update the Bios.

If you FOLLOW the instructions for updating the BIOS, bricking them is rather rare.
Biggest issues are:
1) Selecting the Wrong BIOS - Make sure it is FOR your specific model.
2) It is best if Updating the Bios is to do it thru the Bios, Not a windows based program.
.. This is one that many do not do, but I do. If Not absolutely sure memory is error free, Download and run from a Bootable disk memtest86. For memtest86:
Download the ISO, DO NOT just copy to CD, must use Method for a ISO file so that it is bootable.
3) For laptops: Make sure battery is charged and has at least 10 Minutes of run time. Plug AC adaptor in and run off AC. NOTE battery is just incase you loose AC power. For Desktops, same same - But since Desktops do NOT have battery, use an UPS.

PS Manuf do NOT always list what a updated bios does, they may Omit some "Bug" fixes that are not widely known. (Kind of like - saving face - LOL)