iTunes audio files, need advice!


Aug 2, 2016
Wow, where to start, this question involves a bit of everything, windows 7, 10, itunes, converting files, and sound cards!

Now that i have freaked you out, let me explain what i do, and would like to do. I run music for baseball, football, and now basketball teams in my area (as well as announce).

Of course have a huge itunes library, would love to move it, but, i guess it has always worked good enuf for baseball and football games. Just used in ipad.

THEN, i started doing basketball, this is when i noticed i need to upgrade bigtime. Games moves to fast, itunes any way you sort of impossible to keep up, and loads to slow. In basketball, a 3-4 second lag is too long.

So my main computer which is about to die (runs windows 10) currently has my huge itunes library, not many files look protected actually. How would i best move these and keep them safe, not spending tons of money, flash drive?

Here's where we go crazy. My son helps me out and his computer is a beast that u guy recommended parts for! I would like to download software (sportssoundpro) to help easy access to everything we need and sound effects quickly and easily. He has windows 10 I believe.

Then, we figure we have to get away from phone, ipad and go laptop for portabilit. Got a souped up HP 8540 pretty affordably with 15GB 1TBB, i7 turbo. Upgraded windows 7 to 10.

The last kicker, this sports software I would like to use says is not compatible with itunes files, and needs soundblaster (audio card) to run. I haven't found any other game management software that sorts this as well as this one, that doesn't cost a fortune. It's enuf at $149 i believe.

So, ok, any idea of what i can do here? What am i thinking right? wrong? Maybe different way to do this completely?

I would just love secure those itunes files, make them usable wherever, and have a system that powers everything i need, quick access and no lag.

As stated, this got crazy when i started basketball, just no way to keep up without some sort of software, and the finger touching and sliding doesn't cut it. Playlists don't cut it. Need point and click quick access with power behind it.

Any idea on how to accomplish something like this easily, painless, and affordably? I do this stuff more fun than makes tons of $ with it. Want to just to it the best and right way, then be done for a good long while!

I have the music, sons beast of a home computer for any assistance, and laptop ready for use. No, where to go from here?


Aug 2, 2016
Well, I guess i pretty have every type of file. Old school converted from CD, to newest school you tube, to mp3, to media player, back onto Itunes.

Directly answering your question though, YES I would say 80% of the files are ITUNES AAC files. I have looked at the "kind" on them, Most labeled AAC audio file, or purchased AAC. Quite a few MPEG's mixed in. For some odd reason, only about 20 out of the 1600 files are labeled as "Protected AAC files.

But mostly AAC yes, saying simply AAC Audio, or Purchased AAC on the files. Thanks so much btw for your response and willingness to help, it is greatly appreciated!


Jan 10, 2006
You can get a trial of that software, and soundblaster might be just code for soundblaster compatible, which was the old old standard and may well be what they are referring to.


Aug 2, 2016

That would be nice. Also looked at Sound Director but haven't got a price on that after their free demo yet. So now, how to best go about this entire process? That, i have no clue as to how best approach this endeavor.

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