I've recently purchased a pc, only using tablets for the last 2 years. The new pc would not let me even get fully set up befo

Sep 28, 2018
I have recently purchased a pc after using only tablets for a couple of years. The pc got me partway thru the setup then said I was infected with some kind of "porn" virus. Is it the pc....or could it be connected with my user name and why isn't it affecting my tablet...or is it and I'm unaware???? So upset


Aug 14, 2015
Did you happen to buy this PC from a middle aged single man who lives alone is a dark cave?

Jokes aside, if you brought it second hand, chances are he/she sold it to you knowing it was infected adn therefor unless you have a contract with the guy will not refund you.

You'll need to locate the virus yourself or easier than this, get some decent premium anti virus and use that to wipe clean the PC. The virus may actually only be very small thing thats making a big impact - I wouldnt worry about it too much.

Do you have a description of what is happening or what you are seeing?