JBL Headphones and Sony Sound Bar Simultaneous Playback

Dec 14, 2018

Here's my issue:

I have a Samsung TV that has a Sony sound-bar/sub connected to it via optical cable.

I have three source devices.. cable box, Apple TV, and Xbox connected to TV via HDMI.

I would like to set up my JBL Duet BT headphones to play simultaneously with my sound-bar. (I have an elderly father who's losing his hearing).

I've tried to plug the headphones directly into the audio out (red/white RCA) cables in the back of the TV, as well as plugging in a BT transmitter to the same outputs, however all I get is sound from the bar, nothing through my headphones.


I've changed the audio settings on my TV to audio output from the RCA (not TV speakers).

I've set audio to PCI on the TV

I don't have room for a receiver in this set up, so I need a solution that works with the current HDMI input configuration that I have.

Thank you thank you thank you to anyone who can help!!!

I suspect that the analog audio outputs you tried to use were actually inputs. If they are outputs they may not work when the optical output is turned on. You can split the analog audio output and connect both the BT transmitter and soundbar aux to it
If there are no analog audio outputs you need to split the optical audio output of the TV and connect both the soundbar and a bluetooth transmitter with optical input to it Set the TV to PCM so the BT transmitter will work.
You want a low latency AptX transmitter.
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