Solved! Just repasted my 2018 Blade 15 Advanced with Conductonaut... not seeing any difference?

Nov 19, 2020
First off, a brief history. I've had an issue for a while now where my CPU never gets below 55-60C even when in balanced mode. Gaming mode takes it up to 70C on idle. I don't use this laptop much but when I do, I want to enjoy it as much as possible. I've also tried to undervolt with ThrottleStop, but it doesn't seem to make any difference even now.

That said I started playing MW 2019 semi-regularly and noticed the CPU was hitting 100-105C, and the GPU hitting 86C. I have the 1060 Max-Q which I did overclock using MSI Afterburner's OC scan tool, with the memory at +500.

I thought to myself, it might be time to repaste. So I got some Conductonaut, followed a few YouTube videos, and while I might not be the best at these sorts of things, I'm pretty convinced I did everything right. The problem is I have not seen any improvement at least for the CPU. GPU temps are low to mid 70's now though. I know I am not the best at these kinds of things, but I do know my way around PC's and laptops. Cleaned the fans and everything as well.

I've attached some screenshots. The HWinfo was taken after around 10 minutes of running Cinebench using the multi-core CPU Test. The other 2 are Throttlestop and my current settings. As I post this ThrottleStop is reporting my temp at 67C doing nothing else...

Am I going crazy? Did I fall for some kind of hype that I should have been more aware of?
May 19, 2020
tried to undervolt with ThrottleStop
When using ThrottleStop, you have to undervolt both the CPU core and CPU cache. The 8750H is usually stable with the cache at -125 mV and the core at -200 mV. These two voltages do not have to be set equally but they both have to be set. Your screenshot shows that you only set the core offset voltage. The CPU will ignore your request.

There is a BIG difference in temps between cores that are sitting side by side. That is usually a sign that there is room for improvement when it comes to applying thermal paste. Either that or your heatsink or CPU are not flat.

Lots of performance oriented gaming laptops include heatsinks and fans that are completely inadequate. There seems to be an inverse relationship. The better they look on the outside, the poorer their thermal abilities.
Nov 19, 2020
Yeah I went back and checked, and indeed I was a bit too conservative on the application, probably just being over cautions being it was my first time with liquid metal. After reapplying I saw temps in the 70's on the cinebench test... MW 2019 still ranges anywhere in the 80's but not higher.. i see very small peaks past that (mid 90's) but they go right back down. I'm wondering if maybe the paste needs to settle a bit more?
Nov 19, 2020
I settled on a -0.200 CPU undervolt and -0.125 on the cache... temps are in the mid 40's at idle. Seems stable though I have not stress tested yet except for a bit of gaming (MW 2019 and BO Cold War).. which I know might not be adequate. Temps now with undervolt, proper thermal application and cooling pad have me in the low to mid 70's for both CPU and GPU (overclocked GPU).

The second application helped tremendously, and adding a cooling pad has helped a bit more.
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