Keeping a smartphone safe


Jul 25, 2015
How would a person be able to see where you're going online on an Android smartphone, when you've turned off wifi and are using LTE? Would it be something that can "read" the RF signals the phone puts out, spoof a cell tower, or are there even more ways to spy? How can a person keep her smartphone safe from these?

As far as RF signal readers is there a typical range?

I have an LG Nexus 5X, if it matters.

I'm talking about what's available to the average Joe, or in this case, nosy roommates who then blab about what they've done. Seems like just about everyone is doing these things now.

Would using the phone as a hotspot be equally vulnerable, and how can these be made safe? Taking them out of range of nosy roommates/landlady/potential hackers?




Sep 3, 2016
You're just being paranoid. If you are using LTE, there's no actual way for them to know except to tap from the provider itself. Just stick on using WIFI, if they are just an "average joe" like you've said, there's no way for them to access your phone thru the network.


Jul 25, 2015

No, not being paranoid. The walls in this house are thin and I could hear them talking about what I'd just posted in an online forum via my phone. Yes, wifi was off, LTE was on. I have read of ways to use a laptop as a base station to 'spoof'' a cell tower so a phone will home in on it, and thereby be able to see where you're going online. Also ways to 'read' the RF transmissions off of a cellphone, but with both those methods you have to be in fairly close proximity. So to access anything I wanted kept private, like banking, email, etc. I just need to be away from the house.

This is not the first place I've rented a room where people have done things like this. Perhaps they do it just because they can, or they have no lives of their own so snooping on others is their thing. Or they're just bastards.



Apr 20, 2012

Hello Cathy! Did they ever had access to your phone when you was not around? They were using it? What reason was that if they used it?

Edit: What forum to be specific? if its something that you dont want to post here message me.
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