Jan 25, 2013
I can randomly be typning a paper and my keyboard goes out. it will not let me type in anything..i sometimes cut the notebook off and then back lets me type in my password when loading up but then when i click on the enternet or a document, it will not type.then i cut it off again for about 5 minutes, cut it back on and i can type happens at the randomest moments. is there a way when it does that that i can get it to start back typing without having to turn the computer off and loose my work?


Have you noticed your laptop running hot? Overheating can cause some crazy issues (since you mentioned letting it sit off for a certain amount of time solves the problem, it gives the laptop time to cool off.

With the laptop turned off, locate the fan on the bottom, use a small paperclip to keep the fan from spinning, and use a can of air to blow into the heatsink from the side/back depending on your laptop. My guess is, you'll get a decent amount of dust knocked loose and expelled from the fan.

If you do, this should solve your issue.