Kindle paperwhite freezes all the time


Feb 10, 2017
Hello everyone, I have a kindle paperwhite that is always freezing ( yes, all the time). whenever i turn it on, it freezes within seconds and i have to do hard reset on computer to reset it back and so on....
and what's weird is that it works perfectly when plugged to a computer or a wall charger.

Anyway, i don't really know what's the problem since it was working perfectly for 6 months.
I've charged it with both computer and wall charger ( I only have Samsung wall charger).
I've removed the case.
I've tried to update the device and did factory reset 3 times.
Yet, the problem is still there.

Could you please enlighten me with some solutions ??
Thanks in advance.
If it is still less than a year old, and doing a "Hard Reset" (which should wipe all data off the tablet if that is what is actually being done) then it should still be under warranty.

In this case I would really suggest you contact the manufacturer about a repair or replacement.