Kingston HyperX Cloud with Razer Surround vs HyperX Cloud II


Jan 27, 2016
I'm going to replace my headset which I use for gaming and everyday tasks, and I was looking at the HyperX Cloud/Cloud 2. The difference between the two is about 30-40 dollars (I'm in Canada), and I want to know if it's worth it.

Also, I use Razer Surround to get 7.1 surround sound on my current headset, so I'm wondering if it's worth getting the Kingston surround over the third-party surround I have now (note: I'm using the free version.)

If your answer is; "Get real headphones and add a ModMic 4.0" or "surround is a gimmick", I've heard enough of that. I'm going to use surround either way, and I want a convenient headset without having to spend a fortune on Astro A50's or something like that. I just want to know if Razer Surround cuts it or not.

Also, I don't have a sound card, and my motherboard is probably older than your house, so take that into consideration when you look over the Cloud 2's sound card.

On the other hand, if you do have a good surround headset to recommend, let me know!


iirc they have a bad track history with their soundcards. i would use the core version (no soundcard) and either use your own soundcard or onboard audio if its decent. i know the first version hxc is based on the takstar pro 80 which is an actual headphone designed (and quite decent for its lower price at the time). the mic on the hxc is so-so. acceptable but not great by any means.

i get that you have old onboard and no soundcard but its a little risk going with the one on the hxcII. they supposedly fixed the issue but i saw some bad feedback on here after that fact so i dont know if its fixed for good now or what. just wanted to make you aware there was an issue (at least at one point in time).

get a real headphone and use modmic is valid advice. there are good choices such as the hd518 or ad500x which are well within your budget. you could continue using razer virtual surround if you wish with any headphone or use other virtual surround softwares with any headphone or headset. honestly there is little difference function wise between the two options but headphones tend towards better quality audio. why are so many people recommending headhones? because gaming headsets are generally inferior sounding.

i wont comment to not use virtual as its up to the end user and is your own choice but i will state that razer is considered the worst of the big 3 (creative's sbx and asus dolby headphone are considered better by most) and that if you use wide soundstage headphones on well coded games virtual can actually sound worse and is less useful than going without it. just wanted to throw other options at you.

the game one headset is based on the hd518/558 so is also a good choice. not sure about canada prices but its about $150ish US.
as far as regular gaming headsets are conderned not based on actual headphones.. the logitech g933 might be an okay choice as i know the earlier models were fairly decent
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