laptop advice for buying


Sep 24, 2017

Looking to get a new laptop and I could use some informed advice.

The laptop would be my main computer. I don't do heavy gaming, but I'm a video editor. I want something that is fast enough and powerful enough today, likely overkill for my needs, but that will last for quite a while. To that end, here's what I'm looking for regarding specs:

-13inch or 15inch portable.
-touchscreen not required, tablet/convertible not required.
-16gb RAM min.
-I don't know much about processors, or the pros/cons/differences between the latest generation i5 vs. i7 vs., etc.
-I want a 1080p or better display

I'm willing to spend a little more if it means finding something that is of high quality. My budget is around CAD2200, but there is some upward mobility in that if something is legitimately worth some extra


Distinguished has everything you need.

15.6" 1080p
7700HQ for faster edits. Latest generation. Hyperthread support for productivity quickness(more efficient than an i5 7600)
256GB SSD for faster reads and writes + a 1TB drive for storage
16GB RAM is standard for productivity tasks
1060 3GB for enjoyable gaming and more but not overkill for your needs