Laptop advice - need help on manufacturers and combining large screen size vs weight vs quality


Oct 19, 2016
What is your budget?

What is the size of the notebook that you are considering?

Do you want to play games with your laptop?
Would be nice, but more of an afterthought.

What other tasks do you want to do with your laptop?
Watch 4K video

How much storage (Hard Drive capacity) do you need?
1 TB range.

If you are considering specific sites to buy from, please post their links.!/no_cache=true&price=879.00%2C1600.50&size=13&use2=59&weightlbs=53-54&processorseries=122-123&backlightkeyboard=127-128&p=clear&corename=119

Link seems to break, here's a tinyurl option

How long do you want to keep your laptop?
5 years

What country do you live in?

Please tell us any additional information if needed.

I'm looking to mix a large screen with as light of a laptop as possible while making sure it's durable (not easily damaged, doesn't feel cheap - but at the same time, it probably won't travel with that much. I'm mostly concerned with light, accidental damage. Example, the metal mesh over a speaker not bending inwards from some light pushing by a finger tip).

I know under 5lbs is unreasonable. I'd like to not go over 6lbs, but that doesn't look likely. Defintely don't want to go over 7lbs.

I've had my current for 5 years (Dell Latitude E5620).

I was disappoined in how uncustomizable Dell, Asus and HP laptops were in the 17" range on their respective websites. I'm using the XoticPC website right now but have no allegiance to them if you have better options.

I currently have a 1TB hybrid drive and I'm occassionally hearing a click in it - so I'm scared my time is limited. Due to this I'm looking to go full SSD. I don't know enough of the benefits of M2 vs just getting a 2.5" SSD.

Sager, MSI, and Gigabyte are all new companies to me. I don't know how to compare them in terms of industry respect, good value, quality build, lack of problems in the long run. I have no concerns of doing my own OS install or doing future upgrades as necessary. I'm just rusty on what is new in the laptop world due to not having to buy one in such a long time.

I want the large screen for watching 4K video, surfing the web, doing Excel spreadsheets and just my eyes not being as great as they use to be. The desire to keep it under 7lbs was just to not have that much weight on my lap. Also, if the laptop is too gaming focused, I know the larger laptops tend to have a focus on fans and thus excess noise that I don't want. That's why gaming is an afterthought to me - I really don't foresee playing games on it and I don't want that "a jet just took off in my room" sound.

Final comment, I'm pretty video card ignorant right now. I'm not expecting to play the newest game at the highest setting, but I also don't want to neuter myself. Middle of the road is fine.

I know it's a long read but I was hoping more info was better than too little!

Your guys help is very appreciated!
Just a thought: Many laptops have their air intake vents on the bottom, and as a result aren't really meant to be used on a surface like a lap where the airflow can become impeded.

Also, the thinner and lighter a laptop is, it is likely to need more aggressive cooling (i.e., louder fans) to keep temps down.

Yeah, 2TB SSDs are pretty expensive at the moment. However, I am thinking about buying an "el cheapo" laptop with a Core i3-7100u CPU to replace my old Lenovo IdeaPad Y470 that I am using as a secondary laptop. It has developed a few issues over the years since bought it in 2011. Adding a 2TB SSD to it should almost triple the cost of the laptop.