Question Laptop Aspire V3-772G upgrade

Oct 24, 2020
Hi guys,
Would appreciate your advice on my Laptop Aspire V3-772G upgrade.
Don’t ask me why I didn’t throw it away -) It works for me, but I want it to work a little faster.
I use this laptop for making music.

My Laptop's specs:
CPU: Mobile QuadCore Intel Core i7-4702MQ, 2900 MHz (29 x 100) (37W)
Chipset: Intel Lynx Point HM86, Intel Haswell
Motherboard: Acer VA70_HW Type 2
DIMM1: Kingston ACR16D3LS1KFG/4G 4 GB DDR3-1600 DDR3 SDRAM (11-11-11-28 @ 800 Mhz)
DIMM3: Kingston ACR16D3LS1KFG/4G 4 GB DDR3-1600 DDR3 SDRAM (11-11-11-28 @ 800 Mhz)
DIMM4: SK hynix HMT451S6AFR8A-PB 4 GB DDR3-1600 DDR3 SDRAM (11-11-11-28 @ 800 Mhz)

My thoughts on upgrade:
  • I want to upgrade CPU Core i7-4702MQ for something more powerful compatible with FCPGA946 socket. I'm considering Intel® Core™ i7-4910MQ (47W) Is it worth?
What do you think about a possible overheat problem? Will it melt my laptop? What chances are that instead of speed boost I will get overheat freezes?
And what about voltage and power? Do I have enough power on board to fuel i7-4910MQ processor? Is there something better compatible with FCPGA946?

  • I want to upgrade ROM – 4x8GB (32GB is maximum supported ROM)
i7-4702MQ and i7-4910MQ support 8GB, Does it mean that the best solution for me is to add another 4GB and make memory work in dual mode 4x2+4x2?
Will 4x8 even work for me?
I got this laptop with 3 memory ddr3 dims, they are running in single mode with 800mhz speed, should I remove one and run remaining 8gb in dual mode? Is 8gb 1600 mhz better than 12 gb 800mhz? Is it possible to put new so-dims and get 1600MHz out of the box? ( Bios does not have advanced options.) How to learn if there is 800 Mhz hardware limit?
  • Sure, I will start my upgrade from installing an SSD. I have one empty SATAIII slot. Would appreciate any advice on optimal SSD speed for my system.
Thank you in advance, guys.

So far my choice is:
SSD - Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB (MZ-76E500BW)
CPU-i7-4910MQ (hope I have enough power and it won't melt my laptop)
RAM - SODIMM Kingston HyperX Impact [HX424S15IBK4/16] 16 ГБ - 4x4GB

Additional cooler instead of my DVD -ROM (don't know how effective they are, but it won't make worse)
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Jul 7, 2020
If I were the laptop designer (I've designed a lot of other electronics) I would not have designed the PS/Cooling to handle that much larger a power demand. Laptops are very price sensitive and they are not going to design for more than they need to. If that processor was an option for the machine, that would be a different story.

I don't think spending $200+ for the slightly faster processor will make much difference--especially if you are not doing CPU intensive tasks now. Task Manager can help you determine that. If you have only a HDD now, installing an SSD will make a huge difference, Try playing with the RAM. RAM performance depends greatly on the nature of the SW you run. The processor caches do most of the work here and RAM speed is not necessarily a big deal. Again it depends on the SW specifically. I would pull one RAM and see if that makes a difference. For what I do, 8GB seems to be just right. I'm not a gamer or someone who edits large video files, however.
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Oct 24, 2020
Thank you. No doubt that SSD is the first step for me.

Music software quite often uses 100% of my CPU, so I'm still considering for CPU upgrade. The question is if my cooling system can handle the new processor and if I have enough power to support it. 10W difference seems like not a big deal, but I'm not sure.

I pulled one module, nothing changed, the same 800mhz. By the way, with 3 modules installed I still had dual-mode enabled. Do not understand how it works, though, I guess 2x4GB run in dual-mode and 1x4 runs in single-mode. The Rank for each module is always 'single' no matter what I do. (seems logical, because I have a single module in each slot :)

So I want to install faster RAM and get 1600 mhz in dual mode. This generation of processors supports 8MG RAM. Does it mean that 2х8gb can't work in dual-mode with my CPU? And the best solution for me is to get fast modules 2х4gb+2x4gb to get the most of dual-mode?

So many questions :)

PS. I will build a desktop PC next year when all hype around new Ryzen goes down


Jul 7, 2020
10W is not a big deal for a desktop machine but is for a laptop it may be. Thermal constraints are pretty tight and 10W is an appreciable portion of the power budget. I'm not saying it won't work (because I don't know if it will) but I would be concerned.

I'm afraid I'm not much help on the RAM question. Sorry. The 4GB modules are pretty cheap so you may have to just try it. I'd do the SSD and RAM first and see if you still feel a CPU upgrade would help. Wish I could offer more help.
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