Laptop Battery Short?


Dec 26, 2012
I have been running an ASUS K53E laptop for a long time now (2 years to be exact) and just recently, when i was playing Call of Duty: World at War (this was all i had to run the game at the time) my laptop shut off unexpectedly. no shutting down screen, no bluescreen, just completely lost power. i thought it was overheating, so i left it alone for a while. when i rebooted, it shut off a little after completely booting. so i plugged the laptop up and rebooted. it booted up fine and ran perfectly. i looked at the battery level after booting and it was almost full. so i unplugged and it lost power again! is this a sign of a short in the battery, or something worse? this computer is not a priority right now as i have built an new computer recently. if anyone can help, please share how to fix this. if more info is needed, feel free to ask. thanks!
i think you solved your own problem here. its pretty sure that when you unplug from the charger and the laptop shuts down that it is,in fact,the battery.