Laptop Boot Problems

Mar 22, 2018
Hey all,

I've discoverd a, in my opinion, pretty unique problem with booting my laptop. It is a Lenovo Y50 laptop, with additional ram and the HDD replaced with a SSD. These upgrades were performed about two years ago. The laptop is about ~4 years old. It runs windows 7 and I usually put it into sleep mode instead of powering it off.

One time after rebooting for windows updates, the laptop wouldn't boot anymore. It installed the updates while completely turning the laptop off and started showing this behavior after a cold boot.

The laptop does not display anything on the screen (it remains completely black, no flashes, no splash screens, nothing). The lights at the front panel of the laptop indicate that power is on and the battery is not low. The light that shows that the pc is busy is however flickering at a rapid but constant pace.

I've tried taking the battery out of the case and performing a hard reset on the laptop. After doing so and booting the laptop, it spends longer than normal at a black screen (a few seconds vs 1 second or so), whereafter it will boot normally and run without problems.

When I turn the laptop off however, it will show the same problems as before. As you can imagine, a laptop is not all that practical if you need to remove the battery every time you want to reboot it, so I was hoping that someone would recognize these problems and/or knows a solution?

Best regards,
Someone that likes electronics that work
Mar 22, 2018
Ok, I have no idea why, but I tested my laptop today and it booted perfectly fine.

When I posted the problem, powering it on and leaving the laptop sitting there for over 15 minutes (while I was watching it, It was in front of me and another screen from another pc), it did not do anything.

Now however, out of curiosity, I tried turning it of and pressing the power button again and it worked perfectly fine. The only thing that has changed in the meanwhile was that I had it powered on (in use or in standby mode) for several days. Other than that, the only thing I did on it was browsing the internet, programming and updating canopy (handles packages for python).

Does anybody know what was going on, whether I did something stupid or that this points to my hardware possibly failing? I can't rule out the being stupid part, since when I looked for this question the day after posting it I couldn't find it and decided to post the question again, only to see this one suddenly appear in my tracked questions list.



Question from phunisher : "Laptop Boot Problems (Boots once after hard reset)"

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