laptop boots to black screen

Mar 12, 2018
Hi, when I press the power button on my MSI CX61 laptop the fan spins and the power button is backlit however there is a blank display.

Some fixes I have tried from some searching, with no change in result:

  • Removing the battery + unplugging the power cable then holding the power button down for 60 seconds, followed by powering up the laptop without the battery and only the power cable.

    Removing the RAM and booting. Laptop does not even beep to signify no RAM installed.

    Switching to an external monitor with a VGA cable and pressing fn + F2 (F2 key has image of two monitors on it). No change.

I am not able to boot into bios via repeatedly pressing delete when booting either.

Some context:

I was on my Windows (8.1) partition and the screen would go blank; I assumed it was going into sleep mode despite being set in the power settings to never sleep when plugged in.

Keyboard/mouse input would not cause the display to show again however quickly pressing the power button off/on to switch from standby to on would refresh it. Eventually after this happened repeatedly over the course of 30 minutes the display reappeared a final time with a different resolution, and upon rebooting the laptop I came to the current situation.

I should note that a week ago a resized my hard drive partitions by giving 100GB from Windows to Ubuntu (14.04). This wasn't a fresh install of Ubuntu, only giving it more space. Could this be the cause of the issue at all?

Any help is appreciated!
When you used the external monitor, you didn't mention if you could see the screen on the external monitor or not.

If you can see on the external one, then the attached display or the cable that connects it are probably the cause.

If, however, you can't see on the external one either, then you may well have a GPU that is going/gone bad. This could mean the whole motherboard needs replacing.
Mar 12, 2018

There wasn't any output onto the external monitor despite trying the many different possible key commands which could cause it to switch.

The laptop has both integrated graphics and a dedicated GPU. Which of these do you think it could be? I have the laptop set to preferably use the dedicated GPU in Windows+Ubuntu however as I can't see any display, I don't know if it actually boots into grub.



Mar 1, 2018
It would use the one which is working. This is not Windows ubuntu keyboard etc problem cause you dont even get to bios screen with external or own monitor.

First check if charger is faulty with multimeter example.

Then start disassemblying laptop (look YouTube with your model for video to help)
Remove HDD, try boot with power cable. Always remove power cable when you continue disassemblying. Just put it when your about to test, then off again and continue.
Remove front panel. Remove usb board cables, remove DVD player, remove screen cable. Test between each step. You need obviously external monitor connected if you remove screen cable.

Take out cmos battery press power button 1 min without anything connected.. not power cable. Replace it if low on power.
If YOU still dont get anything go until you have 1 ram stick, cpu + fan, hdmi plugged in for external and power button cable ( if needed cause some motherboards have button) and try to boot with power cable

Test ofcourse with key combinations to get your external working incase.

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