Laptop both LEDs blinking


May 23, 2016
Hi, I have a Acer E5-571 and recently I started to get charging problems. Like my charger won't connect properly or won't start charging, I have to play with the charger pin to make it pin but I just discovered something odd that when I connect and it fails to start charging, I get my both LEDs of (ONstate and ChargingState) blinking together. Am I running under a problem?

Once test you can do with the AC adapter is to remove the battery then connect just the AC adapter and see if it will boot up or not. Once the laptop is on put the battery back in and see if it will charge or not. If the laptop will not boot up with just the AC adapter connected that could only mean that it's already faulty. But do try a different AC adapter as well that has the same voltage and see if it will work or not.